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Lisicki vs bartoli bettingadvice newcastle west ham betting preview

Lisicki vs bartoli bettingadvice

This is a MASSIVE game for Pliskova in terms of her future, the four Premier final losses were all very close , she was quite a big underdog in each facing top 10 players in good form , this is the one she is expected to win, Cibulkova will be pleased to have come this far on grass , but has not played a really big server all week.

It if comes down to a scrap, you would always like Cibulkova's chances, but I am going to suggest that Pliskova will get this done quickly. I doubt Pliskova was very happy after that and this is a quick turnaround, also and I think this is quite important , she missed her slot to practice on the courts at Wimbledon on Saturday there will not be another offered , as did Cibulkova.

Wickmayer beat Konta and Wozniacki at Birmingham before losing to Vendeweghe who is on fire, and then took Mladenovic close at Eastbourne, her last five matches against taller players on grass have gone to an average Over 20 games is an option. Pliskova to win in three likewise. Pliskova won ! Shvedova is not in the best of form six first round defeats in seven events , but I cannot really agree with 2. Shevdova has twice made the last 16 here and in one of those R4 games, took Serena very close in the third.

If she could feed off those positive memories she can win and I would be backing her if she had shown us just a little something recently. Value has to be with Yaroslava, but I cannot pull the trigger. Shvedova won , ! We have already discussed Muguruza, she will probably win Wimbledon one year, it might be this, but I think going back to back, immediately after her first slam title is incredibly difficult.

It took a while for Muguruza to realise she could play on grass en route to last year's final, but she does not have a lot of other form on the surface in her memory bank and was in trouble early against Luci-Baroni and Kerber 12 months ago and was very vulnerable in build up last year and I do not think she is yet in love with the green stuff!

This could go the distance and Muguruza has lost at least one set in 9 of her last 12 matches on grass, but a word of warning, Giorgi loves a double fault! Muguruza in three sets. Muguruza , , ! Here we have the most frustrating player in world tennis I cannot be too mad as I we?

Shelby Rogers had a great run at RG, but grass is not her thing and she has surrendered rather meekly in all her WTA starts on the surface. Lisicki won ! Twist my arm, force me to choose, I will say best value is Only the Muguruza red type selection will appear in results, which is part of the reason why we always say the service is about more that the bottom line basic results.

Hence I was fading Errani. Errani is still very tough to beat. One needs to play very well to beat her. She does not just lose to average players I think Bondarenko falls into the average category. Voegele, was up a set and had to leading in set 2. She just had to hold her serve twice and she would have won in 2 sets. But somehow Voegele lost that game and the 2nd set and the match finally. Forgot to factor that in. Voegele was not tired lol. In fact it was Tsurenko who was inured and not close to her best but still won.

Hi Jaya… as you can see.. But is Marion Bartoli in form? Serena is just back from delivering a baby. I basically like just the below 2 to win. I missed the 6. I personally like the time to be in CST. My bookie interchanged the dates for the matches and is not what I quoted above which was actually quoted by y bookie earlier. Amanda Anisimova will defeat Pauline Parmentier — even in 2 sets possible.

What matters here is greater form and intelligence of Anisimova. Parmentier on the other hand is on a 11 match losing streak barring a tough 3 set win over an out of form Kurumi Nara in between. Parmentier on the other hand needs time to get used to the new Indian wells courts which are slower and bouncier than the fast hard courts in Acuapulco. Parmentier knows only 1 type of game that is to serve hard and return hard blindly.

Anisimova is too intelligent and complex for the 1-dimensional Parmentier. Hello Jaya… Anisimova is overrated, she is still very young and inconsistent and not tactically smart. Anisimova was killed by Errani, Parmentier can be seen as a somewhat similar opponent. The slow conditions in Indian Wells suit Parmentier, her heavy, loopy shots can expose Anisimova on this surface, just as Errani did last week.

Hopeless form on the WTA can change very quickly… I just get the feeling this is a good match-up for her on this surface. Just Saying, Pieman etc. Could not research all in fact most matches the WTA matches. Very busy with family works. But the real problem is that Naomi Osaka is not consistent.

We do not know when or on what day she decides to flick that killer instinct switch in her mind. When she does, she can beat anyone. Sharapova is too experienced and smart to lose to a player like Osaka unless Osaka plays her very best, which is unlikely. The slow hard courts in Indian Wells are seemingly a good surface for the Spaniard whilst Bellis plays her best tennis on a quicker surface.

Bellis was able to play at a high level in the last 2 or 3 tournaments effectively with her new coaching staff and new strategy open the court quickly and make her opponents run a lot and gas out! Only bigger, stronger players like Elina Svitoina with great movement and power can take the tiny Bellis down! With the above 2 techniques in place…. Bellis plays her best tennis at home…when she has all the fans rooting for her. Bellis is a home typical american girl! Going with Bellis ML. SST can give a tough fight.

Bellis is a different animal like a Jaguar! Just Saying, same with me here. Took cues from here. Lost on Nucuiescu, Haddad Maia and Cornet. You best ideas even though you might not bet will be very much appreciated. In 3 sets possible. In 2 sets not possible as Dolehide is in form. Caroline Dolehide to defeat Dominika Cibulkova in 3 sets!.. She basically defeated cans or low level players or flakey players at Budapest — I.

Dolehide has good enough form on hard esp. On top of that she has super power. In the same way Cibulkova will not be able to handle the big power with good accuracy of the young, strong girl Dolehide. Dolehide also is very well acclimatized to the Indian Wells — Hard courts having played 4 matches here whereas Cibulkova has played ZILCH matches on these unique slow hard courts. Besides…Cibulkova is rusted for the last 15 days whereas Dolehide has already warmed up with 4 matches on these unique slow hard courts and has already caused a huge upset of S.

Brace yourself for 1 or 2 more upsets from this powerful and talented 19 year old youngster, Dolehide. But it can happen because DoleHIDE has many advantages as discussed above …just like my above upset prediction of Osaka over Sharapova! Not sure about an upset, Jaya, but I certainly think Dolehide can take it to 3 sets. Cibulkova has a habit of playing unnecessary 3-set matches. This one is more of a toss up. I see Agnie as more stable than Osaka who often follows up a great performance with a bad one.

The value is also on Agnie here too. ML for Agnie. The value is with Aga. This is more of a challenging matchup for Osaka compared to a rusty Sharapova. Just Saying, yes the value is on Aga as well as Pavlyuchenkova as she is the higher ranked player and has good movement and tricky play to trouble osaka. But all can win ML. I have so much data but no time to post. Working on ATP matches also which gives me no time to post many of my wonderful findings or winners or upsets! Amanda Anisimova will defeat Pavlyuchenkova.

Possible in 2 sets also! In 3 sets if Pavlyuchenkova can reduce her errors and fight hard without giving up. Pavlyuchenkova is in very poor form with no confidence as she is on a 11 match losing streak baring 2 wins in between. At first I thought this should be a hard fought win for Anisimova because Pavs has sucked all year, but the losses for Pavs have been close and she may have enough experience to grind this out. Just Sayin, I think we can add few more talented and upcoming youngsters to the below list….

There is a tiny chance Pavlyuchenkova will lose. Betting on Anisimova is stupud. Pavlyuchenkova should be the clear favourite… all the value is with Pavlyuchenkova. Not this time, unfortunately, Jaya. Kanepi smashed in the first set and then loses a tie break in the second. Kanepi is the walking wounded. Never know when she will break down.. Sachia Vickery ML also possible. Really depends on Murgs fitness. Judging by recent matches I think she wins this in 2 sets. But who knows with her.

She should win in two sets but as you said who knows. Vickery is nothing special, all up to Garbine. Seriously good choke from Murgs. Looks like Kanepi was injured. A fully healthy Kanepi can defeat an erratic Vandeweghe. Mugs endurance is suspect in long 3 set matches like as in she lost to Kasatkina recently in 3 sets! Hope you can hear my loudest cheers overriding all! Not today, Jaya. I bet on Mertens to win against Wang and despite winning the first set, she went on to lose the next two.

John, If Pavlyuchenkova is a slob and is the biggest disappointment of all players on tour this year then WHY did you recommend Pavlyuchenkova beating Anisimova in 2 sets??? I hope your intention was not to make your members lose money and help the bookies! After posting the above, I thought while cheering for Vickery, why not make some money on my girl Vickery. What a great day of great predictions and profiteering. I know all days will not be like this.

Well done Jaya, lucky was really on your side today. Should go out and buy lottery ticket while you are at it! John, you always discourage any other person predicting correct bets. I have researched many matches with many winner predictions.

Couple of them already hit! Many more…but probably not here. Since I am not getting appreciated, except by you Just Saying and pieman also, i may not post many of my predictions. It takes away a lot of time from my studying other bets. I and my brother already predicted the upset win of Collins Rose over Madison Keys. My brother is posting it on other tennis sites.

I get no appreciation her for my hard work and prediction fr so many months? All my wins are by LUCK? In fact I appreciate any analysis that is different to mine. Just Saying…I can be contacted at jayapch hotmail. This was posted in another Tennis website where my brother is active.

They are slowly allowing me to learn the betting secrets as I help the local club a lot. I am still learning and improving and my profits are soaring helping me and my brother to comfortably pay for the Cancer treatment of a close sick relative. Many members are earning 50, to , or more per month from betting on multiple sports!

They discuss every match scientifically strength, power, endurance, form, accuracy etc. Hi Jaya, sorry if I offended you but this is not science, no one can guarantee anything. I acknowledge that you do make very good analysis sometimes and that you have made some good predictions of late, well done! I stand by my call on Pavlyuchenkova, at those odds, there was no other choice, regardless of form.

Funny you ask whether your review is scientific. I can address this because I work as a research scientist. I received my PhD a few years ago in cognitive psychology and I take a keen interest in decision making, particularly around gambling. It would be a shame to not offer your reviews here just because you disagree with the way John approaches betting.

Value betting is one of many ways to wager, but not the only way. I also like that John does this with a witty sometimes cattish sense of humour. Jaya, I hope you do the same and stay here and enjoy being challenged, even if you are right! Thanks for the support buddy.

This is not about becoming rich because that is not going to happen for anyone, unless they dump a heap of money on one play and get lucky. I like Ostapenko thrives in slow clay like conditions, hence she is the French Open Champ. Looks how happy Osta is on this surface! Glad I went with Wang. I just went with wang.

Faded Ostapenko in LB after seeing that she is back to her old error some ways. Victoria Azarenka is so rusty that she cannot win singles matches. Beating an out of form watson is nothing great. She struggled a lot in every game there. Aryna Sabalenka is queen of errors. But she has got some experience and she will keep this pair in the game. Hi Jaya. Perfect example of where you do not understand what I am saying.

I said their odds are good and worth a small bet. When you say that you are indirectly saying that this bet will win. That is simple english. That is the only meaning here. The best way to make a consistent profit is to find value. Finding value plays means there will be a lot of losses but that does not necessarily mean you will be down overall..

Obviously there is always an expectation of winning, I never said there was not. I hope you can understand that at some stage. Sevastova can expose the poor movement of Venus Williams due to old age and win. Vondrousova is basically a hard court player. Won 14 and lost 5 in Vondrousova was a bit rusted as it was her 1st match after a long winter holidays.

Still that was a very close match. Vondrousova has got many matches under her belt since that defeat and is in very good form. So, i expect Vondrousova to beat Martic today. She will outhit Martic in most rallies. Martic struggles against players with big power especially those who are a bit accurate. I also like Amanda Anisimova to upset 5 Karolina Pliskova to defeat wc in 3 sets. Karolina Pliskova is a poor returner and mover and will get exposed by the brilliant attacking play of Anisimova.

Pliskova struggled to beat an out of form Zhang for a long tme. But Anisimova is in top form winning 8 matches here on the slow Indian Wells Courts. So, Anisimova will be feeling like a fish in the water while Pliskova who favors faster surfaces will be like a giraffe in water on this slow surface!

If Anisimova has serious movement problems due to the taping of her left leg then Pliskova can win. Anisimova beat Kavitova who has similar power as Pliskova and is a better returner than Pliskova! Pliskova has to be super accurate and use all her experience to win today.

Danielle Collins is a powerful all round intelligent player who can attack and defend well. Svitolina looked tired and out of form. But Danielle Collins is young, hungry and in red hot form! Danielle Collins is intelligent. She will not give time for CSN to setup her powerful backhand shots. The intelligent Danielle Collins will open up the court quickly and make CSN run all over the court and make her tired and win!

As I was busy i could not complete my analysis nor go back and watch the reply of the previous matches with some family commitments. I am struggling to find time to watch live matches which is very important for me to do accurate predictions. Agreed that Kasatkina can take out Woz. I laid money on Kasatkina to win the whole event so knowing my luck she will lose today.

Pliskova can match her power and may hit her off the court even though Pliskova looks like a wounded giraffe moving around the court. If CSN wins, I think it will be in 3 sets. Like Collins for the reasons you describe above, Jaya. Collins will not beat Suarez Navarro. At least, she should not. There is a huge gulf in class between the two.

Fair to say Collins does not belong at the quarter-final stage of this level of event,. Vondrousova has poor decision making issues. Had to fade her in LB even though she is the better hard court player. I have been telling for so many years that Sevastova is a trash player and she proved why in today;s match vs Venus Williams. Sevastova is a weak player and her low level trick game will only work against either weak, low level or 1 -dimensional players like Puig or against out of form players like Sharapov also 1-dimensional who does boat load of mistakes.

Sevastova made tons of errors else she could have won the match vs Venus. Her drop shots were so weak that Venus could run from the other end of the court and swat it like a fly for winners. I have posted all these negative attributed of Sevastova here or in other websites thru my brother but in different words. Jaya, you said above that Sevastova can beat Williams and after she lost you write this.

Stop sending mixed messages, dude, you sound like my ex girlfriend. After the nice close to error free game that Sevastova played vs Julia Goerges, I thought that Sevastova has changed for the good. But guess what? Such dogs Sevastova, Cirstea, Ostapenko etc. Carried away by my analysis? The analysis was correct, Sevastova just did not execute. Everyone has bad matches.

Also you have significantly overrated Collins, there is nothing special about her. She will hover around for her whole career. Sevastova is not trash, she just had a bad day. It happens to everyone. But yes, it was frustrating. I like Over to win as Osaka will definitely fight. Pliskova controls her emotions and remains calm and collected on the fields to not give away her feelings to her opponents for Psych adv…. Like bet on Simona to win the match and 1st set. In 2nd set I took Martic as she was running away with the games.

Knew Simona would not want to lose to Martic which will be a shame on the part of former World No. Pliskova is not suited for clay or any other slow court as opponents can hang in with her and defeat her in the rallies. But good returners with power will always have the advantage over Pliskova on any surface! Pliskova is very overrated. I am changing my opinion of Osaka after what I have seen from her at this event.

Love it! Surprised it was so easy!! As I am betting on all flakey and doubtful matches in Live bet except that of Federer and over in the Anderson match , I checked Kerber for a couple of games in the 1st set and faded Kerber and bet on Kasatkina big. Evenn though I made good profits on Kasatkina, I am not happy at all with my profits on Daria as she won against my analysis prediction of Kerber. I am really mad with Kerber and CSN. Looked like the bookies match-fixed these 2 matches as lots of money had come in on Kerber and CSN.

So Jaya you did not bet on CSN pre-match.. This is because i lost 5 to 6 matches in 1st round of Indian wells and decided that the only way to go when there are so many upsets is to go live bet, which is safer. You bet on Federer.. Just Saying, Kasatkina may very well win the Indian Wells tournament. She has the skills,power, movement and current form to win it. Jays, I use Australian bookies at least 6 because laws here make it very difficult to bet offshore.

I also use Pinnacle but this week they announced they will no longer take bets from Australia. Awesome bet. Yeah, shame Venus and Daria are playing before Halep — at least then I would have a better indication if I should cash out. Good one mate.. Place a bit on Osaka if u need to. Nice Kostyuk tip, John.

She came back from a deficit to take the second Marta, FTW! I counted it as a loss then she came back from nowhere. She has had some very impressive results this year, this perhaps THE most impressive. Vice-versa can happen ie. But the probability of Osaka winning in 3 sets is more. When the ball bounces high, the Osaka is easily able to smash the balls for winners without having to go low as on clay to pick up the ball. Both these matches involved long rallies where Halep had to run a lot and hit many, many hard shots just to survive.

This 1 day rest is NOT enough for Halep to recover from her 2 tiring and lengthy 3-setters as detailed above. Osaka on the other hand has been finishing many top opponents Karolina Pliskova, Sachia Vickery the powerful local underdog is no joke, Agnieszka Radwanska, and Maria Sharapova in 2 quick, easy sets except for maria Sakkari who has improved a lot in all aspects of her game esp.

Halep was supposed to win in 2 sets as predicted by you John and everyone in this world. But she struggled a lot and nearly lost in 3 sets. I thought that my big pre-bet and live-bet on Halep was lost as Halep was losing even in the beginning and mid-portion of the 3rd set. This match showed that someone with just some good movement and OK rallying skills like that of Petra Martic can beat Halep! This match can go to 3 sets also if Halep has recovered from her tiredness and fights hard with all her experience.

Osaka ML can also win will check in Live bet and then bet Osaka if she is winning, which she will! Over possible. You people going with Halep Pre-bet. I am not on the Halep train anymore. If Halep is winning in Live bet, I will bet Halep. My local bettors like this bet. Halep is not tired. That is a rediculus comment. It is totally false. You have no evidence that she is tired. She is one of the fittest players on tour, she has not had a physically tough tournament at all.

John, can you give detailed comments on the many points that I listed above. You commented ONLY on point 5. Your detailed comments on the other points 1 to 4 and point 6 will help me and others to make the correct bet on the only one winner possible in a Tennis match. Just Saying, John, Caroline,Pieman,…what are your views on my above 6 points? Osaka is not a better returner..

Jaya, I would be interested in your analysis that your brother does on the other website. I sent you couple of mails but you didnt replay yet. I am not doing that deep analysis on tennis, due to the work I have. Osaka has the confidence on her side, but Halep has more experience. Previous 2 matches went to distance. Havent decided yet.

I would go for halep in live bet if she lose first set. I doubt she is tired. Most of them spams. I am very sorry. No time also having to take care of my children, my sick cancer stricken close relative, aging parents and grandparents with many health issues. I am very sorry.. But I want others also to post their analysis and final bets here. It should not be a one sided traffic from me as time is premium for me with my above responsibilities as house wife and care taker of many. I also have the work, family and kids.

I did not go for Halep in live bet, I usually wait in 2nd set for couple of games. Ignore this point. These people are no fools. The problem is that I am so busy with children, sick relative and old adopted parents and grand parents that I cannot go and attend all their meetings and get their winning analysis,picks and bets.

Hey Jaya, it sounds like you have lost your confidence betting pre-game and stick to in-play betting. Does this mean you have to bet a lot more money in-game because the odds change so quickly? Live betting LB needs very little advanced preparation and suits my current time shortage situation so most of my bets will be be in LB. It is also safer if you can avoid some LB dangers, bookie baits, bookie cheatings and are fast to react to changing situations etc.

Well done to you. I had a ticket running on Daria to win the tournament so all I had to do was wager on Naomi which created arbitrage. Hi Jaya… sorry if I have been rude to you. I really felt bad the last few days and have been crying a lot. I love tennis and try to help people make some money as myself and my brother were orphan, homeless and penniless before we were adopted by some loving people.

My adopted parents taught me and my brother to be truthful and voice our opinions that we strongly believe in analysis here without any fear even if the whole world thinks differently. I am just trying to help people have a better life and bridge the poor-rich gap a bit if possible by carrying on the duties of God as advised by the Bible.

Did anyone follow my winning analysis, predictions and bets today and the last few days? Will really appreciate if they share it. Will only encourage me to post many good analysis in future. My self and especially my brother is disappointed when people make money of our analysis, predictions and bets but jump in to ONLY attack if even ONE analysis, predictions and bet goes wrong!

Appalled that so many people can go so low! Won many other LB in 1st 2 sets so far. Anyone can win this 3rd set. But like Delpo to win. Is in slightly better form than Fed currently. Nice pick for Martincova. She came back from down in the last set to win! Epic choke from Errani.

Unbelievable right. I tend to wait out the first round unless I deliberately bet on some long shot upsets. But any wager against McHale and Bouchard is close to a sure thing. Kai Kanepi has far better form than McHale. Terrible record McaHale. It could be in 2 or 3 sets. Peterson should be well rested now after her great SF showing in Acapulco. Now Peterson will be full of energy and should blast Bouchard from this earth!

Stosur has the same stats as Puig. This match should be a 3 setter. Puig is 1 dimensional. Stosur also can be 1-dimensional but she has a treasure trove of experience and big size and power to reply on and squeak a win here. Kanepi can never be trusted. With her injuries she could breakdown at any stage. McHale is good value. Either that or she needs a larger positive games handicap. If Kanepi is winning which is what i expect then you can LB her.

If Mchale is winning, you still cannot LB her as she can flake the very next game or set! Bernarda Pera should defeat Lara Arruabarrena in 2 sets. Match can go to 3 sets also if Pera starts slow. Pera has big power. Arruabarrena can capitalize on this and take it to the 3rd set. The same should happen today. I bet it was. Arruabarrena is not a double specialist?? Pera is overrated based on some good wins, Arruabarrena is better in my eyes, played well against Tsurenko in Indian Wells.

Lesya Tsurenko was very tired from playing many matches backback and winning the the Acapulco Open title. So, Arruabarrena or any other weak player could have beaten a dead horse Lesya Tsurenko in the 1st rd. Pera is overrated or underrated, no one cares.

But most people know that Pera is a better player than Arruabarrena. Pera has more skills,power and talent than Arruabarrena. With the help of the strong home crowd, Pera will defeat Arruabarrena, I think. Lets see what happens today. Having watched the match, I can confirm that there was no crowd support for Pera, actually there was more crowd support for Arruabarrena.

Crowd is not at all a factor in my analysis. So if this was part of your scientific analysis, it was wrong…. The courts in Miami are slow and as you mentioned Arruabarrena is apparently just a clay courter, hence why I said the conditions favour Arruabarrena.

The difference was not tennis related in the end, it was in between the ears. Miami Open is one of her favorite Tournaments. She has lost 4 of the last 5 matches showing that she is in a very bad shape and form. Cornet busy planning to do a defense of her doping case this month and will not be focused for this match. Bethanie Mattek-Sands will take advantage of this situation and win the match possibly. Bethanie Mattek-Sands ML can also win.

BHM is the bigger, stronger and powerful girl with big forehand. She will grind the smaller pygmy girl Watson slowly into submission as done before. Like OVER to hit here. All these advantages add up to favor a win for Mona. But still prefer the over to win as Timea is a big fighter who will win many games to push the over pre-bet small. Haha, Jaya. So now what? Btw S. Williams at 2.

As i said under the predictions they are subject to change.. Thank You. Because today is the two picks is win so thank you again very much but this is so much pick who want to play every? Boss mode complete — well done, Osaka! If she is as good as her results suggest, she will beat Svitolina in the next round. As predicted above my baby Naomi Osaka wins! If people would have followed this bet, they could have made tons of money! Not even my bestie Just Saying?!

I a m crying. Her arm twisting magical slice returns should take a toll on the baseline running and playing Yulia Putintseva! As predicted above my baby Monica Niculescu wins! My baby Rebecca Peterson did not win. Sorry guys. Rebecca just failed me. Looks like Rebecca is still tired after her hard run in Acapulco just like Tsurenko is still tired after her Acapulco win. Jaya, you seem to only point out your wins?

As predicted above my baby Yafan Wang wins! Sorry, Jaya. This thing called work got in the way of betting. We have no idea how he went. Always seems to only disclose the positives and ignore the negatives and come up with his live plays, which anyone can make up… In the future Jaya it would be best to list your bets specifically BEFORE the match otherwise it means nothing to me.

Yes, agreed. Jaya, it would be best to post all your predictions beforehand and be definitive about it, otherwise you are trolling after the fact. I think Alison Van Uytvanck is in better form and has improved a lot recently so Alison Van Uytvanck should win today. Doing more research. We have to discard the H2H wins of Aga. Su-Wei Hsieh is more consistent and Sorana Cirstea can never be trusted but she is very talented and can win only if Su-Wei Hsieh has a bad day.

Can we all just stop for a moment — McHale won a match against Strycova! I thought McHale will lose and just checked her live. Yes, myself and everyone in this world will bet on the player that is winning. Show me one person who will bet on the losing person? Money has just one name called dollars or pounds for some etc. Ultimately it makes no difference when I buy medicines or grocery etc, for my family, whether the money came from McHale or Putintseva or Flipkens etc.

Sorry, Jaya, your predictions have no merit at all then. Just look at how she retired in the Townsend match after leading it. Your statements are contradictions. John, I bet 10 to times in LB for every match. If I post all those bets here, your website will crash! Live betting needs exceptional skills to make lots of money.

There are so many unwritten rules which my local club taught me and i picked a few on my own. No point in discussing here when someone thinks it does not involve any skills! I think it can involve skill but I know it can be a big problem too. I have bet live like times, ever. So it is not something that interests me, plus it is restricted in Australia.

Any way to get this discussion board cleaned up or archived? Bit of a pain scrolling through posts lol. Most of the time I am just discussing the future outcome of the match. Live betting is very difficult. Lots of people lose money doing LB. You need to have lots of experience, high level of analytical and calculation skills and have the ability to foresee how a game or set will turn out and bet in micro-seconds many times.

It is different for Tennis. It is also very different in NHL. When CoCo met anyone just a bit fit or not injured she has struggled to beat struggled to beat a weak Richel Hogenkamp in 3 sets or lost to Timea Babos, Maria Sakkari, Bencic carrying a back injury etc. Collins is in terrific form since Jan from Newport beach times…She is on a huge roll…like a big tidal wave. She will sweep Coco away and win. Picking CoCo even in dreams is wrong. None of the experienced bettors I am discussing with are picking CoCo.

All are for Collins. Played many matches recently. And Svitolina is fresh. Besides Svitolina is rusted for nearly a month since Dubai. Just 2 matches. That is shameful on Svitolina and for her high ranking. Osaka has far better current form in March, and well adapted to the conditions in USA. What else does one need to win, today? If Svito is winning I will jump on her….

This is just Pre-eliminary analysis. Have tons of data from discussions and research. Will compile and reanalyze tomorrow morning for finalization. There are many more matches where the picks can go wrong. Have lots of deep analysis but no time to compile and post. Just be careful people. Do your own analysis. Got to go to bed now. I knew you would pick Collins, and as you would know I will go against her but I would not bet on it.

I still do not rate Collins. As far as reasons for Osaka potentially falling today, I like payback, I like the 20 years young, recently broken into new ground. We shall see. I also go wherever my final leads me to. In this case my analysis showed significant advantage for Collins, so went with Collins. Osaka also has few advantages over Svitolina but she lost today as her energy reserves were drained from playing many matches at a stretch.

This is a new feeling for the young and inexperienced Osaka. She will learn from this experience and mature better. Svitolina was really lucky that Osaka was tired this time. Jaya, have u ever thought about giving myself some praise.. This is exactly why your picks mean nothing: no commitment or decision to one side as your predictions are full of conditional statements. Which you are not. A professional bettor is generally very analytical. Then they are fools.

A professional bettor just picks out the points or conditions or requirements etc. Just Saying, I have observed so many times that without a deep understanding of things you misjudge people especially piggy backing others with some power blindly even if the other person is wrong and jump to the wrong conclusions. May God Bless you! Hi Jaya, interesting to see you defend the lack of transparency in your picks. Jaya I have told you before that those are just predictions not betting tips.

The predictions are just a quick guide. She seems to have some good memories of playing here before. This should be a very tight match as Azarenka becomes stronger as the match goes deeper into the 2nd and 3rd sets. How will she beat a solid Aga who does very few errors.

Vika has the power advantage being the bigger girl. But Aga has many more tricks in her bag than Vika. But the long 3 setter in the sweltering Miami heat vs Sevastova must have taken quite some energy out Vika who is still trying to become fit after giving birth to a boy baby? How can Mugurza be a big fav vs Sloane Stephens just because she beta a very flakey, error prone and unreliable Mchale???

Mugurza is really one dimensional. Hitting everything with power and missing a lot just like Ostapenko! Posted before match starts. Few games starts nothing to worry. Eventho super busy. Konta is one of the most flakiest and error some players. In 2 sets…that may be dreaming. What else do you need your player to win? Collins can win the match. Unless Kvitova has a meltdown of some sorts of gasses out or is injured.

Over can hit if Ostapenko can play a clean game with few errors. Else it will be a quick 2 setter. Kvitova has the better wins over stronger and tougher opponents here Aryna Sabalenka and Sofia Kenin. Stephens played low level opponents so far and has not been tested.

But with strong home crowd support she will pose strong resistance and can steal a set maybe but Kerber should win with her greater experience and form in the end. If Stephens plays low error free game then she can push the over also. Both will have their moments and a set a piece and anyone can win in the decider but leaning on Pliskova to win the decider with her big booming serve in the tiebreaker in the decider or in any tiebreaker.

Pliskova will test her strength and endurance a lot. Hope she is ready for that! Pliskova not to get into rallies and keep the points short with her power hitting else Vika will force rallies where she is strong , put more balls in and force Pliskova into errors and try to win. If she fails to dominate with her power then Vika will dominate in rallies and win.

I kinda lean on Vika to pull off a 3 set win. The slow conditions in Miami suits Azarenka. She is a TWO time Champion here so knows the conditions here and knows how to win here also. On a pure and fast hard surface Pliskova will be a super fav. Not here. I am sceptical of the results of Collins given each opponent she has faced this event had a medical timeout during their match.

I have seen that many players take a medical Time out when they are losing. As Collins is in a better form and is the younger , fitter and hungrier player…I expect Collins to win atleast 1 set. Collins is more motivated than Venus for sure as she wants to go to her 1st masters final If I am right. Venus has seen many finals, masters esp. Most notably saying Collins is more motivated.

That is ridiculous. Venus is as motivated as anyone. I got and get very much influenced by your strong Venus recommendation and that for many other losing players which kinda overpowered my thinking and decision making process. Besides Venus winning not possible like Venus not possible to win vs Mugs the Wimbledon , you recommended Venus Your tip of Svitolina also lost but it was a close match which Svito could have won also, i agree to that.

My above analysis was just a summary. You are so quick to rub my face in when I am wrong but you take no responsibility for your own losses which are very common. I got it all wrong here but it happens.

This exciting moneymaking Challenge is alive and kicking, right now.

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Lisicki vs bartoli bettingadvice Pliskova needs to maintain the high level from her previous matches in terms of energy levels, accurate power serving and returning and movement else Sevastova can win easily. My above analysis was just a summary. Looks like this year that profit is going to be the best yet. I did NOT communicate with you. I've just had an email this morning to say that I'd won a pair of Centre Court tickets. I did not expose anything, you did as you just said it was your brother.
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I traded out when he was a set up v djoko.. KEEP up the good work! I look forward to your thought about the players and often use the list to put small bets on their matches in the tournament you write about too. Top class stuff Tom, well done.

Great to see them both do well. I would not have been a winner but for you. You consistently deliver profits and I am never afraid to lay down my cash on any of your tips! I managed to get on after a few rounds. As you can imagine I had a great weekend I will continue to follow your tips whenever they come!

Keep up the cracking work! Great tipping, well done. Great shout on Pliskova! I traded almost all of your selections and I think only had one loss in sousa v dimitrov! So was very good overall, also I take a lot from your regular emails. Enjoyed the Pliskova tip I did enjoy the ride When she got there I decided to let my tenner ride and was pleased with the result! Actually backed Nishikori when Isner took the first set so did alright there.

I traded out before the final for good profit. I have learned an awful lot these last couple of weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed your daily [Wimbledon] emails with concise, easy to read text and simple betting staking advice I use the material that you have shown as additional information. In effect, you have done your homework and it is something that adds to my own. An extra set of eyes and ears as one may say.

Thanks for your honest assessments from a person who obviously loves his tennis and giving us punters a chance to make a profit on our outlay. Any chance you can teach pundits in other disciplines eg horses how to give value for money to those who pay them good money for honesty, knowledge and BEST advice? Was on Dustin to win first set against Nadal Keep up the good work, Thanks. Also won with Troicki on set market. Keep up the good work!!

Am enjoying the daily service and looking forward to the rest of Wimbledon. I am learning much more about the individual players which lifts the whole experience of Wimbledon another notch. Thanks for the insights. If Dustin Brown loses it has not cost me anything. Thanks Tom!! Another brilliant review, thank you very much for sharing it. Leon here. I made a killing at Wimbledon, Your Nadal losing first set win match was a great call..

More than once I cleaned up there. Also I followed all daily bets I made a good profit on all your picks plus i did bouchard and raonic to win in the quarter final betting you indicated. I made a nice profit. It was a pity that Federer or Bouchard didn't win in the finals, but it was profitable anyhow The eyecatcher bets were even more lucrative I think.

So thanks a lot for your service. I backed him to win and made a tidy profit. Good work, Tom! Thanks for the tip. Also doubled it up with Liverpool I usually break even with my own tennis selections but these look very good. Please keep them coming! Have just had a nice little double on Brian Baker 3. A very nice profit of 6. Great start to the week. Not being very well up on tennis apart from the obvious well known names Thanks for a great tournament.

I'll definitely work with you again man! Great stuff and look forward to joining you on your next tournament tips. It made Wimbledon even more fascinating. Most of your four-fold and five-fold suggestions that I followed came up.

It's been great fun and I'll definitely be signing up for your email service again. I owe you a pint ;- ". Great service, oops sorry about the pun, looking forward to the next one Cheers Tom. Much enjoyed and hope to follow you again, magic. Thank you and all your staff for providing a thoroughly excellent and professional fortnight's service. Best regards. As for Andy Murray. Words just fail me. A really great couple of weeks.

Opposing Serena Williams was not only brave but smart! I've got to take my hat off. That's got to represent as good a tipping performance as you're likely to find anytime off anybody for anything. Premiership quality. Won't break the bank, but a nice little profit all the same. Stunning performance Tom. Many, many thanks. Your selections have been fantastic. You seem to get the majority of your single selections correct Would love to have the selections for every tourny that you give tips for.

Big thank you today, been a great service again this year, solid tips everyday of SW19 so far. I'm definitely impressed! Believe me, it is just tremendous to find someone who is genuine in their attempts to find value for their customers. A service like yours is hard to find. Keep up the good work Tom. Not only are your bets sound but they also spawn ideas in my head for even more opportunities. Happy days!! All the best.

Managing to catch 3 at the moment is some achievement well played. Raonic got a little unsettled during phases of the match - but he shook it off well enough. Well done for last week's double, I was slow off the mark and missed the first match - won't make that mistake again! Just about to get on Istomin as I've noticed his good form also but wouldn't have acted without your email, let's hope he does his bit for us all!

Sport being what it is, they can't all win but he has my full confidence. I have never found a tipster who can back up his claims for success but Tom is showing every sign of being the first - and probably only one to do so.

Toggle navigation. We may use your comments in our promotional material and on our websites. Please state if you are not happy for your comments to be used in this way. Very happy bunny, thank you. J Aug Well done! Always worth a cheeky double! Very impressed! Your insights were invaluable - thank you! Ahead of the curve as ever. Well done. Love the service S Nov A very nice profit Very profitable — very well done Your service is super Wanted to put on record my thanks Always 1st class stuff — thanks for all your hard work Congratulations again A night at the Waldorf — nothing short of brilliant J March Your tennis knowledge is amazing What a great selection Very well done on this great tip A very nice return — paid for my golfing break!

Another winning tournament Thank you for the informative emails Two more inspired selections! J April Loving the tips and insight Thanks for all your super insights Great pick with Kasatkina — keep up the good work Got a nice payout for Kasatkina Brilliant pick — amazing skill and knowledge In-depth analysis - great tipping My husband and I did very well on this bet Regards" Roger Wood Nov Another superb analysis and result Back to back winners - thanks Tom Great work again - nice profit to end an excellent season Great tipping - well done!

You have proved to be exceptionally knowledgeable about tennis Thanks again and have a good Christmas, all the best" John Hammond Nov Thanks a million! Very happy with the return Absolutely amazing — simply the best in your uncanny knowledge of tennis You got me to really enjoy tennis tournaments Wonderful tipping — you clearly understand value It has been a good year — keep up the good work Great tipping — keep up the good work Keep up the good tips on the tennis!

You can sure dig out the winners — thanks Brilliant result — amazing service A win-win! Thanks and keep it coming Many thanks for a fantastic tournament Honest, easily accessible service — Long May You Run Well played Tom — quite some achievement J Sept Fantastic call on Sloane Stephens I love receiving your emails Excellent picks Well done Very happy Great work with your US Open tips Profit of 32 points Excellent results Top tipping Another fabulous set of results Sensational stuff — keep them coming Sensational stuff — keep them coming, Cheers" Bob Aug Ferrer was a great choice It was a great choice ;- Thanks a lot and greetings" Angel Mateos Aug So still had a good win" Martin Wells Aug A genuinely informative and inspired free tipping service A genuinely informative and inspired free tipping service — thank you" Jez July Thanks again" Dave July Got on Ferrer to win thanks to you I enjoy your weekly updates Great publication Enjoyed Wimbledon A massive thank you Thanks for your advice Regular weekly email which I enjoy very much Excellent Australian Open service Thanks for all your sterling work this past 2 weeks.

Nice return - cheers! Love your Ones to Watch emails A really nice bet - thanks The best tipster I have ever followed in any sport Great tipping - well done Made a nice profit - great spot Really enjoyed your insight on the US Open Couldn't lose. Excellent service - I was on Each Way Rayner Sept Great call on Kerber Great call, I got on at 12's. Nice tip last week, laid off when 1 set to nil up Raonic was a good winner H Sept Good tip Traded out before the final for a good profit Thanks for an educational two weeks at Wimbledon You have done your homework Seeking out the value Honest assessments from a person who obviously loves his tennis Thank you for your tips Lifts the whole experience of Wimbledon another notch Thanks for the insights Small stake on Brown Nice perceptive tip!

Had a fiver on. Really enjoying your great service I made a killing at Wimbledon Excellent results at Wimbledon Full of aces! Really impressed with another great Wimbledon Fantastic tipping Good call P April Thanks for the tip on the Novak v Del Potro match You've done brilliantly! Many thanks. I owe you a pint ;- " Darren Coxon July Great Wimbledon service Great service A thoroughly excellent and professional service It if comes down to a scrap, you would always like Cibulkova's chances, but I am going to suggest that Pliskova will get this done quickly.

I doubt Pliskova was very happy after that and this is a quick turnaround, also and I think this is quite important , she missed her slot to practice on the courts at Wimbledon on Saturday there will not be another offered , as did Cibulkova. Wickmayer beat Konta and Wozniacki at Birmingham before losing to Vendeweghe who is on fire, and then took Mladenovic close at Eastbourne, her last five matches against taller players on grass have gone to an average Over 20 games is an option.

Pliskova to win in three likewise. Pliskova won ! Shvedova is not in the best of form six first round defeats in seven events , but I cannot really agree with 2. Shevdova has twice made the last 16 here and in one of those R4 games, took Serena very close in the third. If she could feed off those positive memories she can win and I would be backing her if she had shown us just a little something recently. Value has to be with Yaroslava, but I cannot pull the trigger.

Shvedova won , ! We have already discussed Muguruza, she will probably win Wimbledon one year, it might be this, but I think going back to back, immediately after her first slam title is incredibly difficult. It took a while for Muguruza to realise she could play on grass en route to last year's final, but she does not have a lot of other form on the surface in her memory bank and was in trouble early against Luci-Baroni and Kerber 12 months ago and was very vulnerable in build up last year and I do not think she is yet in love with the green stuff!

This could go the distance and Muguruza has lost at least one set in 9 of her last 12 matches on grass, but a word of warning, Giorgi loves a double fault! Muguruza in three sets. Muguruza , , ! Here we have the most frustrating player in world tennis I cannot be too mad as I we? Shelby Rogers had a great run at RG, but grass is not her thing and she has surrendered rather meekly in all her WTA starts on the surface. Lisicki won ! Twist my arm, force me to choose, I will say best value is Only the Muguruza red type selection will appear in results, which is part of the reason why we always say the service is about more that the bottom line basic results.

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