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Bettinghausen bad sassendorf-newsletter

The brigaderes house called big top if memory serves me correctly. Sometimes wish one could turn back the clock. Jean-Pierre Poirier. Love going through this site. Always hoping to see photos from the times we spent there. I too am trying to get in contact with 2 persons that I knew the 1st is a Valerie Duckworth lived in Hemer and also Carol-anne Libby if you do get in touch with Carol could you pass on my E-mail address.

Haven't been on for a long time. This was the best posting we ever had. Looking for Donna Watson, I believe she has become a writer, if it is the right Watson. Where are you Watson? What can one say after a million years away from high school, couldn't return to Canada, after so many years overseas, traveled 98 countries now, worked in 12 countries, became a teacher, worked almost 30 years overseas and 12 other things just to put myself through school.

I had wondered if someone would find a way to do a reunion for our lot, have been back to Soest several times, but didn't see anyone, except for a few German friends. I am Canada now, but I having culture shock to no end, can't even watch TV, but I have one good friend, so I am alright,. I am very happy, however I would like to find Donna Watson. Ronald J.

Interesting seeing the old photos of Deilinghofen and 1SSM although I had trouble getting a slideshow. But, I had married a girl from Iserlohn and so returned frequently over the years to the area even after the Canadian units had moved to Lahr.

Georgia Gardiner. This site brings back so many great memories. Have often thought about visiting Werl but haven't gotten around to it was still in Germany yet. Just discovered this website. Can't say how thrilled I was to take a trip down memory lane.

Kevin Lundrigan. My wife and I are heading to Germany after visiting family in Scotland and plan to take a side trip to Iserlohn where I was born as well as Hemer. Hope to rekindle some fond memories. I also visited East Germany and Berlin.

Of course, we were not allowed to visit the East Zone while stationed in Europe. I enjoyed looking at a number of the pictures. I saw a couple of Sigs type in the RCR pic. Ron McCaully and Fabian. Les Orme. Just got back from Soest. What a neat ltttle town it still is. My wife who has never been to Europe liked Soest the best. PMQ's are a diffent story however changed a lttle bit but o well life goes on.

Colin C. Moved intoe Langschied on the shores of the Sorpasee. Lived above a blacksmiths shop for a year or so then into Hemer. My father was CE Crocker, Sgt. Stayed in the NWT for 10 yrs. Retired in and went back to work for the Sask. Nice to hear from people that have lived in the Ruhr area.

Art Doran. I'm just updating my e-mail address however it's great to revisit this site for the fond memories. We moved to Hemer when I was 5, my dad being with the Royal Engineers. Im guessing that the Canadian forces had moved out just prior to the British army moving in. The photos of the quarters plus especially the school brings back a lot of happy memories Not to mention "Propper Snow" - here in the UK the winters are just wet and even as an aduly I really miss the knee-deep snow we'de get in Germany!

Hi everyone. I haven't left a message for a long time now so thought I should update it. I am officially retired now and learning how to live the life of leisure! Volunteering, playing bridge - must say, it's rather pleasant after working all those years! Am living in Belleville, Ontario with Ozz, one dog and four cats! My mother is still going strong now 87 and looks great , brother Peter and Carol are in Havelock, and everyone is doing great.

Anyone who remembers me drop a line - would love to her from you. I have a picture of the family on the boat on the way over to Germany in - would like to add it to the photos, if possible. Our last posting was Nanaimo, BC. Now live in Sooke, near Victoria, BC. Not retired yet! Happily married to Jim. It's such a long time ago now but my sister Wilma and I still talk of the good times we had over there.

Live long and prosper! High everyone that I may have known - drop me a line if you like. Best years of my career. My father was in 27 Bde so I shared his memories of West Germany upon my deployment. Sadly, all has passed. Interested in reminising with anyone who was in Soest Germany and attended Soest Senior High in Don A.

I really enjoyed this trip down memory lane. It was a real pleasure seeing all those familiar faces. I lost my Hemer yearbook years ago, so this was a treat. Many thanks as well to, the folks that put this all together. I can see that it was a great endeavor that took a lot of work. Again, I thank you kindly and a big hello to everyone that I may know out there.

Take care all! I was looking up Hemer Germany out of interest and ran into this page. Imagine my surprise to find a photo of myself in grade four. My father was teaching for the Armed Forces from - Dianne Ford, Barbara Gauthier. I went to kindergarten but don't know where, I do recollect being put on a volkswagon van and being driven to school.

We lived in Unna on. Goethe Strasse. Pmq was about units and out the back doors was a large play area and I recollect off to the left was a metal railing and below that was the. Until today I thought we lived on Gouda Strasse but it obviously would be Goethe. For only being there for a couple of years and being so young I have many memories of living there. One of my better memories is of being in school and having to wear these red slippers with zippers up the front, God I hated them.

We lived in Winnipeg until Aug and then went to Shilo where I went to grades 11 and 12 and then worked at Canex from I was a cook and I saw many pics of guys I lived and worked with, hendrickson, pitre, staples to mention a few. Just looked at this site for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hemer - first in the PMQs then in town in the Belgeques. Wow - What a great site - I found my grade 3 school picture here - this brings back a lot of memories - loved looking at all the pictures of the region. I remember playing in the felsenmeer Thanks to all the contributors and the persons creating this website. It was very nice seeing all the old pictures ,i myself did not have any at all,greetings to all that might remember me from way back when in north Germany my wife is from Werl.

I had my copy of the Beaver up until last year and was lost in a move. Hello Hello Hello , Just found this site though another friend from Soest. Wow , What alot of familiar names and faces ,so young looking everybody. Had a great time in Europe then and would love to go back and have a peek now. Simply taking a trip down memory lane. Remember the PMQ vividly. We livedat the top of the hill.

Youngest brother fell off the 10 foot wall running on the one side of the building. The only PMQ located here and totally surrounded by the local residents and economy. Wiped out on my bike going down the hill. Great times for myself and my three brothers. This is the second sign in because like all things email adderess changes. Signed in abou 8 years ago and still live in Australia, now 21 years.

Actually found a photo taken outside the High School in my cadet uniform. Short and very slim I was. Not as small now. Best Wishes to All and keep the site going and email me if you dare. This yearbook brings back a lot of great High School memories! Great job! It would be cool to connect with anyone from those years. Great site, I am enjoying the photos and orher info. Will be visiting often. Would like to hear from any one from "C" Platoon or anyone else who remembers me.

What a great trip down memory lane when I opened the site. Are there any plans for a reunion of the Hemer students? Went to Soest from Petawawa with 2 cdn guards on the Carinthia. Came home on Arcadia back to Petawawa. Classmates most remembered are the twins Diane and Suanne Rogers. Returned on the Queen Fredrika, ending up in Kingston. Anyone remember the terrible storm we sailed in on the way home?

If your dad new my dad or our family George and Mamie my sisters Frances or Barb. Great site, it brought back a lot of good memories. Happy to have found this page. I am going to Werl next month. It was great living in Werl.. I was one of 4 boys strapped for calling Mr. Moore, Elmer Fudd! Left on the Homeric. Give us a start and away we go! Would love to hear from anybody.

Loved looking at the old pictures - brought back a lot of good memories. I remember Eve lynn Booth as one of my best friends. I am a retired teacher now living in Brandon, Manitoba. Hoping to contact Grade 9 teacher, Ms. I started Gr. We rode the school bus from Balve each day for three years. I'll always remember the ride. Someone posted a photo somewhere of the Gr.

I think there may be others. My sister Claire was one year ahead of me. I'll try posting photos sometime when i'm back in Canada. Gloria Watson Came to Germany at 19 Love every minute It changed my life. Are any of the people who come to this site going to the reunion in Ottawa Aug It's actually a Lahr thing but everyone is invited. Also for those who remember Irv Goertzen, he passed away last year. I have many great memories of some good friends in Werl and Soest.

Found reference to my sister Margrette [Peggy] and brother Bruce in class photos, could not find anything for me though. Noticed that class photos for are not on the site. Great site though. I really enjoy this site and visit it often.

Can anyone share photos of Engineers from Exercise Rob Roy in September of and other general photos of 1 troop. I am also interested in photos from platoon Cdn. What a wonderful site My father was with the 3 RCHA. I attended Hemer elementary school GR. Would be lovely to hear from anyone who might remember me from that time. Robert J. R Jobin. Would like to hear from all my friend's I served with at the Unit's and location's we served above. Colin Hewitt. Hi All hope you don't mind me looking over your page I served with the British Army in Werl in the early 80s as an RMP had to patrol most of the camps you talk about but under different names, it brought back memories seeing your pictures.

Just came back to the Guest book to leave a bit of sad news. Cliff attended RMC and went on the several high positions within the Ontario Government and several other high profile positions. He was a great guy during our school years and went on to be a great man in industry. A great loss for the Hemer Alumni. He is the second of our cohort to pass on, Brooks Chand'Oiseau passed away last year. Time passes and so do great friends. Andrew Andy Pulvermacher , son of Pete Williams.

Who could give me any informations about him? Thank you for your help. The name of my mother is Marlies Pulvermacher. I am trying to find any pictures of the school or classes or even the PMQ's. I have no pictures of my time there as a child and I would love to see what everything looked like.

I attended kindergarten and grade one at Werl school. Have 'Powder Horn' and some 'The Beaver' if you get me the 'how to' on uploading them I'd be happy to contribute. Thanks for the memories - some of the yearbook photos are missing though. I have copies if you need them. In the early 60's, I met the first Canadian children in the indoor pool in Unna. Later, I met Bob, Tom, and Rodney.

I was friends with Mike Seniuk and Dave Miller. All these contacts helped me to expand my horizons. Thank you, that you were in Germany. If anyone remembers or knows how to reach Dave Miller I would like to reach him also. Served with the Black Watch, both battalions, in Gagetown from Then spent 2 years in Soest, the rest of the time in Baden-Soellingen. Was a barman at the Sgt. Unna and Hemer. Father 1RCHA. This is just pure luck.

I was in Picton Ontario attending a reunion last year with my dad's gunner's association since I had not returned since childhood, we were posted to Germany , my dad's first tour, of course a second followed because Germany is awesome. Many fond memories.

I found this site by accident, and it was nice to see the old place again. Although I was only 7 years old then, I do have some great memories of living there. Happy New Year Everyone This is a "Great Site" There are names that sound familiar and I know there are many more, this site we call the Ruhr Memories is the place that opens doors Thank You Ruhr Memories Burt Green.

Best wishes for Alphi Jr. I remember you well. Best times ever at the Teen Hut!!!! This great site has allowed me to reconnect with a good friend from these wonderful days spent in Germany. Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to Jackie. I live near Oromocto in the summer and Mesa AZ in the winter. Merry Christmas to all. I stop in here frequently to see whats new. Retired this year at the ripe young age of As the years go by, you realize and miss the friends you left behind.

Long live the teen club. Merry Christmas to all you cold warriors and all the best for Had a wonderful time in Germany "Green shack and All". I just found out about this site from Paul Rhynold and I'm looking forward to browsing. Would like to hear from some of the guys who were there. Alf Dalton. Hi all Dave is still doing a great job. Things are well here in central Ontario.

Would be great to hear from anybody out there. Merry Christmas. My last Guest Book Entry Jun -- I expect many of the old soldiers are now at the stage of getting too old or forgetful to add comment of the time we spent in and around the Canadian Brigade while it was stationed with the British Army on the Rhine.

Viewing the photo section how over the years the buildings and Forts are now crumbling into the ground very little left of what it once was. Because of how this site has over the years kept the memories alive this old soldier appreciates its exceptional value as a point of history in his life. Thank you all for recording our military contributions in the "Cold War".

Would welcome contact from any of our friends. Currently reside in Oshawa, Ont. We landed in Germany in and attend a German school since the Canadian school was not completed. I remember riding my bike to the Mohne See. I attened grade three and four. My on of my teachers name was Miss Eggenswiller spelling not perfect. A C Pajak. Would be great if more signed on so we could get in touch with each other. A lot of time has passed, but those were terrific days in the Soest area.

Fond memories of Lahr and surrounding areas Remember many weekends camping with other families at various locations.. I enjoy retirement now for approx 1 year and maybe one day me and my wife may return to visit the area. Had a great life in Germany in our early years as a family.

Lots of interesting travel across what was then Western Europe which in turn opened the opportunities to do even more travel across the continent over the years. Bill Humphries. Amazing to see the pictures of those time which I have so few of. I wish I saw this site before Dad passed away this year.

For Sheila Grant Rolfe I think we were in Miss Howe's class together. I have a class picture which I will scan and submit. Been going to do that for a couple of years, guess I just needed a catalyst! New email.

Darlene Getz Richardson. Tried to get in touch with s a couple of people. Stephen Lock. Just popped in and saw the photos put up by Roger Lortie. Nice work!!! Although it's a shame to see what condition the old camp church and theatre have fallen into. It was great,to look back at the photos, of my brothers as well, Gary and Gordon Allan. I have had contact with one of my kindergarten and grade one classmates, Douglas Farmer. We both live in BC, and through facebook made contact about 4 years ago, and actually met for coffee after 44 years!!!

What a trip down memory lane I live in Ontario now. I used to live next door to Georgina Beattie would like to hear from some old schoolmates. Wonder do any live in Ont. I live not far from Camp Borden. Balve, Mellen, Soest 2nd tour Soest back for a year, worked on German net. Pop in periodically to see what's what.

Congrats on 10 years of cyber-existence!! There is really so little about the Canadian presence in W. Keep up the good I just found the web site. Now looking for pictures. Great to see all the picture contributions people have made on here, brings a tear to the eye remembering all the good times that were had in Germany. Haven't been here for about 5 years and it still looks great.

A little disappointed that there are so few here from my Hemer years. Jeannie Piovesan. Well, since it's been 10 years since Dave started us on this wonderful journey to our past I guess it's time to sign the guestbook! I read it faithfully and am always amazed at the reactions and comments from everyone who "lived the life" with us.

I'm also amazed at the generosity of our contributers and that these pages bring back great memories to so many people. I was there when my dad was posted there in the early 50's and then was posted there myself in 1 rcha. I was in the counter mortar radar section attached to 1 rcha in '68 to ' Great site found it by chance.

All of our pictures burned in fire so looking at these brings back a lot of happy memories. Really great looking at these old memories Thanks to everyone who did this Sheila Grant Rolfe. I live in southern Alberta with my wife Val. Life has been good.

I'd really like to hear from anyone from this time of my life. I have tought of friends from my time in Germany many times. I was only years old. I remember him leading the Fue de joix? We used to watch him on parade We sat with the general. It brings back many memories when I browse this site, because, I have experienced it all during my many years in the military Infantry 40 yrs from Pte to CWO. It all seems like a hundred years ago!

The elementary - remember being bussed and then changed to the school on the base. Looking for old friends[Army Brats], that lived in Germany from In Barracks. Hello to any old friends. I was mostly with HQ Sqn. I am presently living in Campbell River, BC, where the golf is fantastic. Would love to hear from others who were there at the time or as they say "back in the day". Thanks for this site. I was BGen. Dare's driver for most of my first tour. A real gentleman. We were very fortunate to have served in Germany during those great years.

I am delighted to have found this web site! Thanks to all involved. I have so many fond memories of my time in Germany Unfortunately I have lost contact with everyone. I would certainly love to hear from anyone who attended Soest Senior during the years I spent there! Mike Morris.

My father, Murray J. My mother, Marion Morris, and my two older sisters, Joanne and Monica, were there too. Collins was one of my teachers in Hemer. I attended Gesner Steet ES grades 2 to 6. Clint Kennedy. My husband that time was in the forces. We were there with our 3 kids Wendy, Barbara and Richard Broad. I first went there at 18 had my first child in Marien Kranken haus soest sorry about the spelling. Came back as a mother of two and was in the big move down south to Lahr.

I loved germany from the first moment I stepped off of the ship Homeric loved the pictures will search for some of mine Great site and many memories to look back on. Thanks for the memories. Zeppelin Strasse Hemer. Brings back amazing memories of my family's time in Germany. I'm surprised how much I remember as I was only 12 when we returned to Canada. Thanks to everyone who has contributed pictures to this site - like a walk down memory lane.

I agree with many of the other messages in that was the best time of my life and an incredible learning experience. The beer was also cheap and scmheckt. What a great site and what wonderful it brings back to this Old Timer. My family lived in Soest from We lived in the PMQs and a young German woman named Gisela lived with us and looked after my brother and sister and I. I believe she had relatives in Vellinghausen. I am going to Soest in a few months September to re-visit the town and perhaps track Gisela down.

Great photos. Does anyone remember playing in the Welshmier Forest spelling?? Quite a trip : I was 8 years of age and we left Germany to come back to Canada in November of Anyone know Laurie Linden? She was my best friend during that time. Thank you to whoever set up this site. Thanks a million for this. Photos bring back great memories.

Wonderful website, brought back great memories.. If anyone remembers me please send an email so we can reconnect. Are Greg and Garry Pucci out there in cyber land?? Wendy Davis Shibley. Great photos and good memories!! Will have a look and see what I can contribute. Had a good time, if you remember me send an e-mail :. Lived on "economy" for the first year, then moved into the PMQs - the block right behind the pub. This site brings back a lot of good memories, and it's great to look at the pictures.

Anyone remember going door to door 'trading comics'? Often the only way to get a new comic. Shopping at the MLS? I have come to this site before and when checking it today, I saw the message about leaving my email.

Sorry thought I had done that before! My Dad had very fond memories of the german people and loved his time over there. Hi folks Gord Lawless was lost I don't think he knew that!!! Now he is found. Hemer High School kindergarden school on the base to grade 3. Just trying to find some of the kids I use to play with and the first girl I ever kissed kim thompson I think that is how you spell her last name. I would like to get in touch with Hugh Chisholm and M. First time baok over and really looking forward to seeing the old places in the north and south.

Will be sure to take lots of pictures and hopefully figure out how to post them to this site. Hi to anyone who admits to knowing me,haha,I'm alive and kicking and retired in Barrie Ontario. Bas Bult Willy. Best years of my life,lot of very fond memories. Hope to return some day. Sharon Wither now Morrison. What an awesome site! It has brought back wonderful memories of a great time in my school life. Thank you so much for putting this together. For years I have been searching for a lost friend What I remember most about my stint in school was the great teachers, the competitive nature of the sports teams and the fun field trips we took in the back of a deuce and a half with the summer camps.

I also remember Lesley Stevens wonderful voice and wishing I could sing like her! Thanks again for the trip down memory lane. Sharon Wither Morrison By the way William Hall. So long ago I'd be delighted to hear from you. Although I was British army and posted there in , looking at your pictures of Fort Chambly was brilliant. I enjoyed my posting to Soest,. Have posted before but have since moved to Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

Love this site as it brings back many fond memories. I am very proud of todays soldiers. Would love to hear from anyone from E Bty. What a fabulous experience. I would love to be able to give them the same experience. I still remember some of the great friends and the games we played in the playground next to the school. Who remembers 'war' where you drew the circle in the sand and divided it into countries and tossed a stick and marked out you conquest? Summer of '64, Shilo, Squad.

Germany was my Gunner Days Finale. I made contact with our drummer Joey George from this site. If there are any pictures of the band or this old gunner, or you just think you know me, I would like to hear from you. Feel free to contact me, my door will be open. This site has opened doors to finding young gunners who I now call "Old Brothers".

This is a "Great Site" There are names that sound familiar and I know there are many more, this site we call Ruhr Memories is the place that opens doors. Thank You Six formative years of my youth were spent in Germany. Some very valued experiences and memories. I still communicate with my German friends in Hemer.

Great job with the site. I even found two of my school pics. Auf Wiedersehn! Jo Ann Pearson now Kew. Anybody know where Cathy Wright is? And does Pinky still have that shirt? Myles Ferguson. Great to recall some of my old teachers. I fondly remember Mr. Hockirchen We called him "Hooker" assaulting me with a yardstick. I remember Miss Anderson slapping me across the face for making fun of her Hee-Haw laugh Sounded like a darn mule.

I remember Miss Fransen giving me the strap. She was kinda cute in her own way. Real battle-axe. I do fondly remember certain teachers like Mr. Cowan and Mr. I hope all is well with them. Bye for now -- Myles. Enjoyed my tour of duty. Oppertunity to tarvel many countries and experience their cultures. Deb Dewson Bray. Great memories of those years. Find me on facebook if you want to reconnect.

Janice Ruggles-Bolton. What a wonderful sight. Have some pictures i can hopefully add. If anyone wants to get in touch, search me on facebook. Great site. Brings back a lot of old memories. Great memories. I was young, and wished I was older to have taken advantage of the opportunity. I have another school year book of an earlier year. Welcome to it. Had a great time many memories, would like to hear from. Alan Morrison.

I just found this site. I often go into the Hemer webcam site and have a look at the downtown and surrounging area. What a great place it was to grow up. Thomas F. We moved from London Ontario and for a brief period lived at 15E Canadashar sp. My parents had both met and married in at the chapel of St.

Marks Fort York. My parents retired to Windsor, and I went onto Toronto. I now live in Windsor, after many years of teaching school in suburban Detroit Michigan. This was my fovorite posting, while in Germany, I was part of the Guard of honour on Vimy Ridge, I'm not certain but I believe it was in or , I was a Blacck Watcher, so Our Kilts, green coatees, diced hose tops, white spats, belts and gloves made us perhaps the most colourful guard, we stayed in Arras, which is a short distance from the Ridge.

Great site, mostly fond memories. Met some great guys and terrific memories of my trip to Copenhagen, many weekends in Nijmegan of course. Hard to believe it has been so many years. This is on behalf of my father, his name was J Roy Boudreau, he was a gunner and then a bombardier.

I was just gonig through his album from Germany and I have a copy of the menu for the Christmas Dinner. It was signed on the back by nine of his friends, some of the names that I can read are Davis, Potter, Conway, Smith and Neal.

There is also varios pictures and buisness cards as well as leave papers. Would be nice to talk to someone who had served with or knew him. Thanks Al Boudreau. Many fond memories of our time in Germany. Pictures bring back some good memories. Guy Legault sc Je me souviens.

Just updated my e-mail address! It has changed since my first entry in the Guest Book back in February 20th Gary Le Bouthillier. Robby Thomason. Fort Prince of. Live in Soest with my parents and brother Walter and sister Sandra. Walter had polio when he was young he played ball was a great pitcher. Father was a military police. Went back to Soest in with my husband and daughter and lived by the stone wall.

Husband was in the pay corp at fort chambly. Still in touch with Betty who used to live next door to us. Have lived in Ontario since transfer here from gagetown. Looking for friends from Soest. Great to see this site. I have lost a lot of contacts over the years. I got out in and moved first to Montreal and then back to Alberta.

I have been living in Texas for the past 13 years. I would love to hear from any old comrade there are out there. Served the guns for 6 years and remustered in Feb. Retired Sgt in Retired after 38 yrs with the Gunner Badge. I would like to say that these were some of the best years of my life and would look forward to hearing from members that I have served with.

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Retrieved 17 June Towns and municipalities in Soest district. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. North Rhine-Westphalia. Malte Dahlhoff CDU. This Soest district location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

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Project Type. Search by professional service Related Services. I've learned a lot from Affiliate Marketing. But if I had to mention just 1 reason why I love it so much. Send Message Click to call. Business Park 11 Bissendorf, Bissendorf, Germany. Great company with excellent knowledgeable staff and they have helped me with a new website and SEO for my bus Read more. Reinhardsweg, 37, Hagenburg, Germany. Bremer Str. Related Design-Build Firms Discussions.

I need help with the kitchen design We are using a design build firm and we discussed an L shaped kitchen with an 8x5 island. To me this seems to be a U shaped kitchen. I would like to relocate the Remodeling Kitchen. Hi all! I'm having a heck of a time finding the perfect one stop shop for my kitchen remodel.

We are not changing the layout but want to maximize space with custom cabinets. I'd like someone to offer Should be day 5, but no-showed on day 1 and 2. We are under contract with a design build firm owned by a licensed architect, who is also our contractor.

We recently purchased a land and are planning to build our dream home. We are going with a super modern style house, with construction budget of K. I initially thought only way to go was start Deal UP. February 12, Management was good but most of the time you had to handle your own pace and work. The hardest part of the job was the constant hammering down on the same ordeal all day. The enjoyable part of the job was getting to deal with so many people of all different walks of life.

Clever Gefunden. January 22, As a result, Clever Gefunden's efforts have made the client stand out in their industry. List your business here for free - Learn More. When building a new house, people often turn to architects to kick off the project. However, a different model is becoming quite popular: design-build. Instead of dividing tasks between separate architecture and construction companies, you can hire a full-service Bettinghausen design-and-build company to complete your entire project, from initial sketches through final construction.

Learn more about how to choose the right design-build pros in Bettinghausen, Lower Saxony, Germany for your home project below: What is a design-build firm? Design-build firms take on the responsibilities of architects, contractors and construction companies, all under one roof. These full-service firms focus on a streamlined design-build process — from the initial design to the estimating phase to physical construction — in the hope of creating an efficient experience for both the client and the company.

Because the entire project is happening within one company, Bettinghausen design-build firms are able to overlap the design and construction phases of the project, which often speeds up the project significantly. In addition, these firms work to minimize risks for the project owner through single-point responsibility contracts.

However, depending on the firm, you may still want to contact an interior designer or architect to help create the exact look you want. Before deciding on a residential design-and-build company in Bettinghausen, Lower Saxony, Germany, think about what you want from your new home. Do you want a large kitchen for entertaining? Do you need several bedrooms for children and guests?

Do you want a finished basement for extra space or storage? Look for Bettinghausen design-builders that specialize in the areas you're looking for. Budget is obviously a determining factor in the outcome of your project.

To make sure you stay within your means, consider making a must-have list and a wish list. Gauge where the estimates are falling to determine which design-build contract can realistically strike the balance between the two. Questions to ask a prospective Bettinghausen design-builder: How long have you been in the design-build construction business?

How many projects like mine have you completed? Who will be working on the project? Are the workers employees or subcontractors? Can you provide me with references? Who is your designer, and what are his or her qualifications?

Are your employees licensed and insured? How do you charge, and what does that include? Can you give me a written estimate? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Place in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Coat of arms. Location of within Soest district. Dezember " in German. Retrieved 17 June Towns and municipalities in Soest district. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons.

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Schützenfest Bettinghausen Schützenfest Bettinghausen ​. 1 von Schützenfest Bettinghausen © Fotos: Grün. Schützenfest. Soest Bad Sassendorf is located close to Bad Sassendorf, Kreis Soest at 1 NM, Schallern at 1 NM, Bad Sassendorf at 2 NM, Bettinghausen at 2 NM, Walburger. Bad Lippspringe, 1,, 2. Bad Lippspringe, 1,, 1 Bad Sassendorf, , 1. Bad Wünnenberg, 2,, unav. Bad Wünnenberg, 5,, 3. Baesweiler, , 1 Bestwig, 3,, 2. Bettinghausen, 3,, 5 of Sale - Partners. NEWSLETTER.