cryptocurrency technology in the classroom

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Cryptocurrency technology in the classroom gaa footballer of the year bettingadvice

Cryptocurrency technology in the classroom

This article demonstrates how to get young children thinking about coding by relating it to their daily lives. Bitsbox : This tool is designed to teach kids aged six to twelve how to code—and makes it fun. Bitsbox caters to a range of skill levels, from basic to more advanced, and it encourages creativity, allowing kids to customize the apps they create within the program.

Kodable : Much like Bitsbox, Kodable is an app that teaches kids how to code. Pigzbe : Kids aged six and older can learn about cryptocurrency and the value of money in a supervised environment with this virtual piggy bank. Financial Literacy for Kids : This resource offers lesson-plan guidance for teachers that want to teach financial literacy to their students.

VentureLab for Lower Elementary : Teach your students the entrepreneurial skills that will help them succeed later in life. VentureLab is geared toward teachers and offers lesson plans, course materials, and guidance to steer your class in the right direction. Easy Ways to Understand Blockchain : What is blockchain technology? Why is knowledge of blockchain important? What can you do to gain a better understanding? This article answers those questions and gives practical advice on how to learn blockchain.

Upper Elementary Students 3—5 In the second half of elementary school, students are on their way to becoming more complex thinkers, and they have the education and experience to understand more difficult concepts. Programs like CodeWizardsHQ teach fundamental programming concepts and tie it into existing interests, like gaming and animation.

Python is used strictly on the back end of webpages. Blockchain in Python : This article explains blockchain to those who already have an understanding of coding, specifically Python. VentureLab for Upper Elementary : A continuation of the VentureLab program offered for lower elementary, this level provides lesson plans and materials for third to fifth graders, designed to get them thinking in an entrepreneurial mindset and practicing their business and problem-solving skills.

Cryptocurrency Job Market Infographic : Though elementary school children might not be too focused on their future careers yet, this infographic is a great way to give them a visual sense of what the field of cryptocurrency looks like, opening their minds to the possibilities that await them. What Is Cryptoeconomics? How to Become a Blockchain Developer : This guide goes a step deeper than the previous one, focusing specifically on blockchain. Students in late elementary school with a working knowledge of coding and basic crypto could benefit from the guidance it provides, to help them develop a sense of direction and discover what branch of blockchain they might want to pursue.

Learn How to Invest in Crypto : This module-based program is designed for beginners and is an especially valuable resource for parents and teachers who want to learn more about investing in crypto and have a working understanding of the financials before teaching it to their kids.

Middle Schoolers Students in middle school are ready to really refine their understanding of blockchain and crypto, especially if they already have a foundation in computer science. Adara Academy : This free, community-centered resource provides courses, videos, and articles for people of all ages interested in crypto. Kids can customize their experience by choosing which resources to utilize, or they can go a step further and apply for one-on-one sessions with experts.

Bitcoin in the Classroom : This resource provides lesson plan ideas and an online lab specifically related to Bitcoin. It teaches everything from basic crypto vocabulary to creating a cryptocurrency to use in the classroom. Ethereum : The leading blockchain technology platform allows users to develop smart contracts, or blockchain-based, decentralized applications.

Solidity : This blockchain-specific language documentation tool enables users to create smart contracts and create their own cryptocurrency system. Hyperledger Composer : Still in development, this blockchain tool can be used by developers and non-developers alike; it aims to streamline the development of blockchain-based business networks. Summer Coding Bootcamp : Encourage kids to continue learning through the summer by enrolling them in a summer coding bootcamp. CodeWizardsHQ : Here, students effectively attend coding school that lets them learn new language and ways of thinking while building their portfolio, and that can eventually directly match them up with real-world companies.

Girls Who Code : This program offers resources for middle school girls and kids as young as third grade, with the aim of closing the gender gap in tech. VentureLab for Middle and High School : This portion of the VentureLab platform caters specifically to middle school and high school students.

Older kids will learn to refine their business skills with hands-on assignments and immersive projects, such as generating and pitching business ideas and performing market research. Risks for Young People in Crypto : As kids get closer to the age where they can make investments on their own, they might be tempted by the prospect of high returns on their money.

This article reminds rookie investors of the value of their money and the risks of investing in crypto. Career Trajectories : This article gives kids an idea of the possible career paths they could take if they choose to pursue blockchain and the reasons why those fields have a growing use for it. Having a tangible goal and a sense of purpose is a good motivational tool.

Why Blockchain Is Important : For those who want to think outside the box, this article highlights the many uses of blockchain beyond just crypto. It shows kids how versatile and important blockchain technology can be. CryptoManiaks : Designed for beginners, CryptoManiaks is geared toward those who want to learn the financial side of crypto.

To help you incorporate Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies into your classroom, our Creative Team has created an easy to use Template that schools can use to show the current value of different currencies on their digital signage. The Template is included with any of our paid plans.

Take a look at it below and refer to this article if you are not sure how templates work. Add it to your display. A Financial Trading Lab is a great way to give students hands-on experience, but there are several other ways you can incorporate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into your classroom.

Before assigning any assignment to students related to Bitcoin, it is helpful to assign vocab to them and have them define what each term means as it relates to Bitcoin. Below are ten basic words that anyone who wants to understand Bitcoin should know:.

Here are a few topic ideas:. The best kind of learning is hands-on learning. Teach students how blockchain work, then use this as the foundation of creating a cryptocurrency for your classroom; let students think of the currencies name, earn it, and use it to trade for real goods. If you are interested in other digital signage ideas that you can incorporate into your classroom, check out these posts:. Every week, we send Template recommendations that will make you look great and improve your audience experience.

And the best part, they save up to 16 hours of content creation time every week. Not convinced? Check out the email we sent last week. Log In. Search Blog. Bitcoin In Your Classroom? March 15 Bitcoin Lesson Plan Ideas A Financial Trading Lab is a great way to give students hands-on experience, but there are several other ways you can incorporate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into your classroom.

Here are a few topic ideas: Should Cryptocurrency be regulated? How has technology changed global community? Does Bitcoin really work?


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