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Also picked up on warrant for fail to appear out of the Shroy, 35, of Montgomery, PA was arrested for being a fugitive from justice. She was taken to the Washington County Jail.

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Binary options blueprint ebooking

Most of the 'Other' consisted of people supporting all types of fan content. A few requested maps, music, and roleplaying. At what age did you become a Fantasy reader? For future surveys, it will be capped at "30 or older" and contain more specific options in place of "under 13", which had an overwhelming majority.

This will be to get more accurate data. How do you prefer your books? How would you rate the Discord Mod Team? Rating: 7. Have you spent money on TWI? I recommend you read these for yourself if you have the time. Most recurring answers were Steam Engine, Printing Press, by far.

Additional popular answers were Penicillin and electricity, or forms of transportation such as trains or bycicles. If you could ressurect a single Goblin who died, who would it be? Additional popular votes were Velan, All of them, or None of them. There were many other characters with many votes, such as Reiss, Noears, Garen, but they were all dominated by Pyrite. Which race are you most curious to learn more about? Which unique food in Erin's inn are you most curious to try?

If you liked it, please show your support by [ Voting for The Wandering Inn ]! See you next year with a much better and less faulty survey! Binary Options Blueprint Ebooking Binary. For a list of alternative brokers, and full comparison reviews, visit our brokers page. How is it possible to make the blueprint return a binary data, a pdf file for example. Here, you can examine the similarities and distinctions between Blueprint CPQ overall score at 5.

You can also examine their particulars elements, like features, plans, pricing, conditions, etc. What is more, analyze the terms carefully for Something it very much isn't anymore, a point I noted after cries of "but the normal people are coming" rang out on Mastodon. It's a point danah boyd has also made in her research. There's a corollary: if your interest is in creating the next Facebook, or even merely disrupting the present one, then it strikes me one viable option would be to identify whatever your next Harvard is -- a cohort of intelligent, attractive, interesting people, who aren't much impressed by Facebook Which Is No Longer Harvard -- and kick some funding and technical support at them.

Your Next Harvard doesn't have to be Harvard, mind, though that's probably a good and symbolic target to include. And I can pretty much guarantee that the folks at 1 Hacker Way will go into a blind panic. Which might just be a sufficient disruption. Veritasium: What YouTube's algorithm selects for Derek Muller, among the higher-quality YouTube creators, has reflected from time to time on what makes for successful YouTube content.

Much of that as with other social channels is strongly dependent on what the site's own algorithms incentivise for. This 12 minute video looks at recent changes, and what this suggests. This ties in with a It also highlights one of many failings with The Information Diet , which is that the information appearing online, at social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit, or on the sites and content farms feeding those maws , depends tremendously on what is being selected for and promoted.

Muller also fails to consider a few elements: Intentional access to media makes a tremendous difference. I've griped about YouTube's recommendations quality in the past, and it seems to be improving I also don't use the site whilst logged in, so my history is, I hope, reset fairly frequently. Its search is actually pretty good, and if your interest is a specific topic or speaker, it will often reward interest.

Tools which leverage reputation would help. I've long requested the ability to block an entire channel. A major problem with dreck content is that it carries very little reputational risk for the producer or poster. If users could respond by blocking a channel entirely and this was followed through , some of the bottom-feeding behaviour might be reduced. Gresham's Law.

I think this topic has officially crossed the line from interest to obsession with me. Absent some corrective selector, increased audience virtually always means lower quality content. See Reddit's default subs as a prime exemplar. Tech Ontology -- Blocking factors I'm trying to explore a few concepts before writing a post or posts? Technology: effects. One of the strongest reasons for drawing the line of separation clearly and broadly between science and art is the following:—That the principle of classification in science most conveniently follows the classification of causes, while arts must necessarily be classified according to the classification of the effects, the production of which is their appropriate end.

Now an effect, whether in physics or morals, commonly depends upon a concurrence of causes, and it frequently happens that several of these causes belong to different sciences. Thus in the construction of engines upon the principles of the science of mechanics, it is necessary to bear in mind the chemical properties of the material, such as its liability to oxydize; its electrical and magnetic properties, and so forth.

From this it follows that although the necessary foundation of all art is science, that is, the knowledge of the properties or laws of the objects upon which, and with which, the art dons its work; it is not equally true that every art corresponds to one particular science. Each art presupposes, not one science, but science in general; or, at least, many distinct sciences.

Comparing existing ontologies of technology. Comparison with mechanisms within biology. Why biology? Because human technology is, as I see it, an extension of biological mechanisms, at least in large part. Nick Lane in particular has some very interesting work here. Are the mechanisms themselves technologies? I think my answer here is no , though I want to check myself on this.

The fundamental mechanisms. All the categories boil down to "do less" or "use more", I think. The Network Elements. Numerous of the categories I've defined have or represent network-type effects. I'm asking myself if these cannot be simplified. Keeping the end in mind. The ultimate goal of any classification scheme is to find an underlying and simplifying pattern. The realisation as I started putting this together was that each of the mechanisms implied specific benefits, and disadvantages, for the associated mechanisms, as well as a set of common features.

I'm looking for ways Clayton Christensen's concept comes in to play. Baez has maths I don't have, but the ideas he's pursuing strike me as similar to where I'm going with my own. See particularly his Oxford Network Theory collection. John Baez, Categorical foundations of network theory - an introduction to the workshop and what it's about.

David Spivak, A networked world. Eugene Lerman, Networks of dynamical systems. Tobias Fritz, Resource convertibility - an introduction to the mathematics of 'resources'. Can privacy be quantified? This presupposes a few other questions, including defining what privacy is. Jill Lepore, again, has a University of Kansas lecture, " Unseen - the History of Privacy " April, , which suggests a progression from mystery to secrecy , then privacy : Mystery: That which cannot be known, we're asked to believe in the absence of evidence.

Frequently religious. Secrecy: That which is known, but not to everyone. Often state. Privacy: Kept to ourselves. Generally personal. Lepore also notes that "the case for privacy always comes too late" -- after the horse is out of the barn. Debates over privacy always lag advances in technology. It seems to me that privacy is the abilty to set , define , and defend boundaries. A source of rather constant friction with Google. In which case some of the possiblities for measurement: The degree to which boundaries can be set.

The scope of boundaries which can be defined. The extent to which those boundaries can be defended. The amount of information exposed. The number of parties with access to that information. Whether or not others are better informed of the state or tendencies than the subject of the information itself. Who benefits by the information -- the subject or others? That's a partial and speculative list, but it gives some sense of where I'm looking. Employment and Automation: Why is factory work different?

The focus on the automation debate is over the likely falling wages, and apparently job security, of labour. This frequently prompts the counterargument that factory work was an earlier age's version of automation, and ultimately paid well.

One though that occurs: What if manufacturing-based factory work was an exception? And if so, an exception to what , exactliy, and why? Early factory work wasn't highly paid. Better than farm wages, yes, though that's not saying a whole lot. Much of which was directly related to the amount of power -- kilowatts of electricity, or horsepower of mechanical energy -- supplied per worker. Still wages didn't increase until unionisation of the late s. Adam Smith writes of the five factors which provide for a premium on wages: first, the agreeableness or disagreeableness of the employments themselves; secondly, the easiness and cheapness, or the difficulty and expense of learning them; thirdly, the constancy or inconstancy of employment in them; fourthly, the small or great trust which must be reposed in those who exercise them; and, fifthly, the probability or improbability of success in them.

Several of these apply to factory work: It's not entirely pleasant, and was often dangerous. Many jobs required a fair amount of skill. This was generally on-the-job training, but this still manifests as both time-cost, and scarce resource. Workers were in something of a position of trust: they oversaw expensive equipment, inputs, ouput, and process.

Employment was typically, though not always regular. While a factory could operate year-round without concern for weather, it would often be subject to business variability. That's four of the five factors. The real key to me though is that the role of human workers was as the brains and control element of a structured, automated, and powered process. Factory work is very much literally a force multiplier of raw human skill.

A single man, plus machines, could have his output multiplied many times. And due to the considerations above, plus unionisation, eventually claimed a high wage. The question is how these factors extend into the coming world of work.

I have concerns. And I don't see any of the discussion of this point following the lines of analysis I've given here. Further development in a comment at The Other Place. And, back to unionisation: factories represent both a strength and a weakness of monopoly-as-network-control. On the one hand, a factory is a nexus of capital, access to financing, marketing and vendor relationships, transport, power or energy, and labour.

On the other, a factory is much like a mine: you cannot simply pick it up an move it to another location. Or at least this was far less true in the 19th and much of the 20th century. Over the past 50 years or so, mobility of capital, and the ability to finance and construct new factories largely at-will has increased, with labour organisation falling largely in parallel. This is fiction-on-fiction, mind, but a wonderful set of imagery: When Owen asked C-3PO if he spoke the binary language of moisture vaporators, the proper answer for him to give in binary would have been "with neither too many hands nor too few," that being the idiom for speaking politely and properly.

Moisture vaporators use their hands as communication ports, each finger transmitting or receiving a single channel, and touch hands to one another in order to speak; if you were to speak with more hands than the listener had available, they would miss part of what you were saying, and especially if that were crucial metadata they would not be able to understand you.

Conversely, if you spoke with fewer hands than they listened with, your transmissions would be slow, stilted, taking far too much time. Speaking with the appropriate number of hands is a key aspect of their culture. But as with many societies, etiquette conceals notions of class: the number of hands a moisture vaporator has is largely determined by wealth and their role. As a result, a common worker with only two or three hands will always seem slow-witted and foolish when trying to speak to a five-handed member of their bourgeoisie, and that burgher would in turn feel profoundly uncomfortable in "seven-handed society.

So, we get communications , class , wealth , status , and complexity of thought , in one package. I'd run across an item at Nautilus fantastic online source, by the way, and they're actively soliciting support currently , " How Your Brain Decides Without You : The structure of the brain [Lisa Feldman Barrett] notes, is such that there are many more intrinsic connections between neurons than there are connections that bring sensory information from the world.

There would otherwise simple be too much sensory input to take in. I've points of disagreement and agreement. The catalogue is in fact a search tool, and a good one. Librarians discount the value of categorised, classified, and standardised-authority-organised collections to their tremendous disservice. That said, yes, the catalogue, as it now stands, pointing the way to informational paradise but withholding the fruits, is a significant problem.

Curation also has its place. Piles of crap, no matter how searchable, remain crap. Diderot's lament on information overload from is valid, and improved indexing and search can only delay, not prevent, being buried alive in dung. The Jevons Paradox likely means that the inevitable is being accelerated. What particularly caught my attention, though, is this: Why is there no scholarly app store, where students and faculty can build their own libraries? Though I disagree with the market-based approach, the premise of a self-controlled, self-contained facility for personal information management Subreddit styling: Geopolitics has a wonderful thread-collapse design I'd first run across this some time back If you've decided you've had enough of a particular digression, you can close any level of it with a single click, without having to hunt up-thread for the relevant comment.

See this archived post for an example. I'm impressed and may well steal the concept. Good UI is very rare. This is a good UI. It puts the control directly in context, makes it easy, makes it obvious, and, should you close an item by accident, makes undoing the action trivially easy.

On inquiring as to where that classification is made: the Communist Party of China's 12th Five Year Plan, - Which I now feel I need to find an English translation of. I did track down a U. And in that, a further interesting note on what it considers to be a failure of the plan: though the performance targets of the plan were generally hit and fairly impressively so , the analysis argues that the structural foundations of the economy weren't adequately addressed. This strikes me as an interesting possible response to various "things are going so amazingly awfully terrifically swell!!!

Interesting how vision clears when focused outward The Tech Ontology Purity Test: Filters Another aspect of the tech ontology: I'm somewhat stuck on the point of various purification processes and mechanisms and how these fit within the notional framework I've conceived. Especially as this capability is a highly fundamental biological process, one that is key to virtually any process.

Actually, it gets us straight back to entropy and de-entropisation. A process by which a conglomeration of two or more things can be reduced to two or more separate collections, each with only one set of components to it, is what de-entroposiation is all about. That might be a mechanical sorting e. The upshot is: how do you distinguish between what you want, and then, somehow, act differentially on the one vs.

Is this strictly a process knowlege, in which case it falls under "technology"? Is it a class of actions? Is it material properties? Systems management? Asset price inflation and Adam Smith A wonderful Smith quote: As soon as the land of any country has all become private property, the landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed, and demand a rent even for its natural produce. Robert Behn and "Gresham's Law of Leadership Strategies" From his book The performanceStat potential a leadership strategy for producing results , Robert Behn distills what I see as a statement of Gresham's Law as a generalised constraint on complexity within systems: He starts with the pithy observation: Simple leadership strategies drive out the complex.

But then expands this more completely, showing the information-theoretical underpinnings of the fundamental Gresham's mechanism: Simple, easily explained, easily comprehended, explicit-knowledge descriptions of a leadership strategy dive out subtle, complicated, tacit-knowlege appreciation for the potential of a complex leadership strategy to influence organizational behavior in ways that improve performance.

He continues to note that this comes in two forms: We humans prefer simple leadership strategies to complex ones. We also prefer simple explanations of complex leadership strategies to the subtle and complicated reality. What I particularly like is the focus on several elements of psychology and cognition: Simple models. Easily explained. A simple, but difficult-to-explain concept, fares poorly. Easily comprehended. As above. The distinction between explicit and tacit knowledge.

It is vastly more efficient to propagate explicit knowledge, that which can be acquired through reading, hearing, or seeing, than tacit knowledge, that which must be practiced, often under a skilled teacher. Overt rather than potential value. Something which only pays off in indirect ways is far less appealing to us.

This suggests a subsuming mechanisms for Gresham's Law which jibes with concepts from Darwinian evolution: that systems evolve complexity costs, and that among the selective pressures which exist are those for a minimisation of complexity in light of such costs. There's an article on a computational evolution experiment, " Meet the Animats ", which notes that there is a minimum complexity bound to various maze-traversal "animat" bots, though, without a complexity cost factor, the experiment found no constraint on the upward bound of complexity.

A few minor edits -- mostly deletions -- makes Behn's formulation on page 42 appropriate much more general: "Simple, easily explained, easily comprehended, explicit-knowledge, descriptions While I agree generally with that sentiment, there's a key difference. Airplane pilots are licensed, certified, trained, and regulated.

There's a clear floor to who is allowed in the cockpit barring extreme emergencies, e. By contrast, software is made available to pretty much the entire world. And it turns out that two thirds of all adults have "poor", "below poor", or no computer skills at all.

Which is to say, the qualifications floor is nonexistent. It's the tyranny of the minimum viable user. If you're designing a one-size-fits-all system, you've got to design for this. The results, I'd argue, are I'm not saying "don't design for the user in mind", or "don't dismiss user error". But rather, than when your floor is zero, you're going to have a remarkably difficult challenge. One last thing Do you like what you're reading here? Would you like to see a broader discussion? Do you think there are ideas which should be shared more broadly?

The Lair isn't a numbers game, my real goal is quality -- reaching, and hopefully interacting with, an intelligent online community. Something which I've found, in several decades of online interactions, difficult to achieve. But there's something which works surprisingly well: word of mouth. Shares, by others, to appropriate venues, have generated the best interactions.

I do some of that, but I could use your help as well. So: if you see something that strikes you as particularly cogent or, perhaps, insipid , please share it. To another subreddit. To the small-but-high-quality Metafilter. To your blogging circle, or a mailing list.

If you work in technology, or policy, or economics, there as well. Thanks, Morbius. It is demonstrated and extremely reasonable henceforth justified regardless of your thought. Trust this Bow Legs No More survey will help you to settle on an astute choice and stroll with certainty.

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