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Alchen za sportsbetting

The growth of online gambling sites and mobile money services has allowed residents of the country to access a wide variety of betting opportunities. The rapid development of the internet has enabled Africans from remote areas to easily use online sports betting services. Nowadays, sports betting sites and other gambling establishments are booming in countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania.

Without a doubt, Africans love their sports. Football, cricket, rugby, tennis, horseracing, basketball, boxing, and racing have a large following on the continent and attract a great number of bettors. They enjoy placing bets on match outcomes like how many goals were scored, who was the player that scored the most, etc. This love for sport is probably what propelled the gambling market to grow so fast. According to South African government statistics, more than 50 percent of adults in the country are actively betting on a regular basis.

In Kenya alone, approximately two million people place sports bets on their mobile phones. Gambling operators have noticed the potential of the African market, prompting them to establish a significant number of betting sites. There are now hundreds of websites that have a variety of games, such as poker, baccarat, slots, roulette, bingo, and many more, catering to all preferences.

The same applies to sports betting sites, where Africans have a plethora of sports they can bet on and a number of ways they can make their wagers. The expansion of these companies has received immense support from local promoters, arguing that it contributes to the economic growth of several African countries, as it created new employment prospects for the African youth and produced tax revenue for the government. Bettors also have the chance of multiplying their funds by betting on their favorite teams or playing other gambling games.

Most of the betting and gambling is done online through the use of mobile apps. The upsurge of mobile devices in Africa has made online casinos and sportsbooks accessible to all users, especially those who are unbanked. What about yourself? Dobbie reverts to his more serious vein to explain what trading means in the bookmaking profession.

Some of his rivals use the BODS prices that emanate from Durban and are distributed to all bookmakers. Betting World puts its prices on Interbet which bookies use for trading while some of the others tend to have the favourite a bit shorter. Take the loss or gamble But what happens if he accepts a big bet on something, the punter hits a number of layers at the same time and sends the price tumbling? One day last year I laid a particular punter R25 to R5 and, as I picked up the phone, the price went to and then I had to either take the loss or gamble on the horse.

I am a firm believer in cutting my losses but that day I was lucky. I got most of them back. When that happens the value often lies with the punter. But when you are losing you stop because you are playing with your own money. Dobbie strokes his beard as he considers the question.

But there have been punters who have won big. Arctic Cove. And it was in the Met. The Gambling Board is very strict and they audit everything we do. The can even link into our machines, ring our clients and ask them what bets they placed with us.

Computer benefits But the computer benefits are considerable. Sometimes we were so busy that we would forget a horse that was in a double or a treble. Old-fashioned operators But in one way at least the brothers are still old-fashioned operators. They write the names of the horses in each race on bits of card which they slot into their display board. The price of each horse is on a roller which is turned manually to change it.

The answer from both is a shrug of the shoulders. Why then did I acquire a race horse last year? Yes it is a hobby -- an expensive one at that -- and it does give you something to get up for in the morning. But, in my case it was primarily to fulfil a boyhood wanting and regret.

My father, Reg Haswell, came to South Africa in , to establish and run greyhound racing in Johannesburg. I was. It was an idyllic setting with the dogs being bred, fed and trained on site, and my father could afford to own both riding and race horses. Each of my four. I was too young to ride on my own, so my father bought a western saddle with a horn, which I could hold onto while he rode Sandy, his horse.

Our world, and especially my dream of owning and riding my own horse, came to abrupt end in , when the government abolished greyhound racing,. We moved from Clonmel and our horses had to be sold. My interest in, if not longing, for horses, lay dormant until the summer of I was a geography graduate student at Southern Illinois University in the U. I had taken every geography course that I was even remotely interested in by then, so I registered for Animal Science Horses There I was amongst a class of first year farm and cowboys, who had grown up on horses.

My saving grace, after fumbling my way through conformation and dressage, was to be top of the class when it came to working out feed ratios. However, a short stint of mucking out stables on a farm in Ocala Florida, where Jollify stood, convinced me to stick to academia. In , I was elected, as the Councillor for Scottsville, onto the Pietermaritzburg City Council, and my wife and I were thereafter regularly invited to the big race meetings at Scottsville.

How could my interest in horse racing not be rekindled by watching Lester Piggott win a juvenile race on the mighty Sledgehammer, or his masterful ride on The Malster? I was able to guide the purchase of the race course property, at the then market value, by the turf club, and later the construction of the casino complex. Come retirement, and the passing of my wife in , I sorely needed a new lease on life.

Andrew Harrison introduced me to Duncan Howells. Cathy Howells suggested that I look at a particular colt, and Duncan said he liked the look of the as yet unnamed horse. Then fate intervened. Before I had laid eyes on the horse, one of my granddaughters in America, Emma, upon hearing that I may buy a horse, wrote a story and drew a picture of a reddish chestnut, which she named Fire Bolt. Lo and behold when I first set eyes on the horse, he was a red chestnut, and just had to have that name.

Another granddaughter, Tia, who lives in Ashburton, got in on the act, by designing my colours: a combination of flame orange and fiery red chevrons — the authorities rejected her technicolour flames motif. However, the name Fire Bolt was already taken. Getting the horse insured, obtaining his passport, ordering my colours, watching him pass his starting stalls test, and receiving vets bills all followed in quick succession.

I was expecting inoculations, shoes, blankets etc but not dental work. He became number 53 in the Howells yard, and I watched, along with my punting partner Des McDonald, week by week, as Duncan transformed him from a burly colt into a strapping race horse. He was clearly the happiest horse in the yard, as his tail never stopped swishing and wagging. His early work showed that he was better on the turf than the sand, and that he would need ground.

But therein lies the catch: maiden races over ground on the turf, are very few and far, to far, between in KZN. The result is that maiden races are oversubscribed with nominations — 50, 60 and 70 nominations and outside draws are the order of the day. One has therefore, to run the horse whenever he gets in, rather than prep him for the right race over his best distance. Accordingly, Fire Bolt did not cover himself in glory, in his first few races.

He showed some promise but something was clearly bothering him, as he was both pulling and racing with his head all over the place. His mind was not on the job, and the unkindest cut of all followed, and that meant another six weeks of recovery.

Now, he looks and is working better than ever, but, once again it is nigh impossible to get him into the right race. One regularly reads of the need to attract new owners into the game that is horse racing, yet owners, and trainers, are expected to put up with the glaring lack of sufficient maiden races.

One accepts that not all horses will win a race, and that very few win more than one, but unless this paucity of maiden races is addressed as a matter of urgency, many owners, including those like me who have a long held love for racing, will ask: why own a race horse? Why indeed? Been there, done that, got the T-shirt could be her mantra as she has been around racing in KwaZuluNatal for well over 40 years now. Forced to temporarily put her feet up due to a nasty fall where she broke the hip she had replaced some years back, a cheerful chuckle is never too far away as she takes stock and discusses her life.

Her father had various business interests over the years including a farming enterprise on the Natal South Coast and art galleries in Johannesburg. We were inseparable. I went on to finish my schooling at Roosevelt High in Johannesburg and went to work for my father.

We eventually married and had two children, Fred and Anneke. Accountants by profession and have made us grandparents four times over. Today Fred runs his own accounting and tax consultancy business; Anneke is currently a busy Mom, lives just down the road from us, and has been helping me out enormously during my recuperation. On re-locating back to Durban she began taking colour photos of the racehorses owned by her husband and his friends.

Back in those days the majority of photos were shot in black and white and were then hand-coloured. I obviously had to sell my photos to the connections to make my business viable and one of the first people I ever approached was the late Syd Laird. I nervously asked him if he would like to buy the picture I had taken of the horse he had just led in. He gave me a rather quizzical look but gruffly agreed.

Years later we had a good laugh about it because he said that I had sold him a picture of a very moderate horse who had finally won a maiden plate for an owner that he was about to chuck out of his yard! He bought my photos because he said that he felt sorry for me! In , sponsored by Mellow-wood, the big race was won by an eye-catching Persian Wonder colt called Shah Abbas under an inspired ride from top jockey Clive Hyde.

Shah Abbas had won 9 of his 11 starts by the close of his 3yo. He won two more races in the US running in the silks of philanthropist and precious metals magnate Charles Engelhard before breaking down and being returned to stand at stud in South Africa. Highlight Another highlight and one of the biggest surprises for Anita came in the Rothmans July. Big names Over the years, Anita has seen a lot of big names come and go in racing — both human and equine but she is, as always, way too diplomatic to name any outright favourites!

She has fleetingly met a multitude of celebrities from all walks of life too and on this score she does not hesitate to say that HM Queen Elizabeth II made the biggest impression on her. I really thought she would be aloof but she was far from it. She was a very warm and friendly person. And, she has lost count of the number of publications she has contributed to over the years.

A highlight in the latter department is having once had the honour of supplying a cover shot for the internationally respected Pacemaker magazine. So, it was. I contacted her daughter Anneke to arrange a framed photo of her mom and Anita was told that Mike de Kock was being awarded the trophy. As we wanted her family to be at the event it was impossible to present the award at the end of the evening as is customary so it had to be presented first.

Once everyone was seated her family were slipped around the back and were waiting in the wings to present her with the trophy. Picture Anita standing in front of the stage, camera in hand when her name was called out. The shocked expression on her face was priceless. The moment she saw her family walking out was one of the most touching moments I have ever witnessed at an awards evening. Over the last 15 years he has become one of the most sought after conditioners on the globe, growing not only the Singapore Racing brand from his Kranji base but the image of South African horsemen.

He was faced with an extremely tough decision, when in he was offered an opportunity to train in Singapore, a relatively new player on the world horseracing scene. Shaw, always one to look for opportunities to expand his base, began to evaluate his career. He had it all in Johannesburg. In an interview at his Durban home recently, Shaw recollects the time.

Shaw was more often than not ranked amongst the top trainers in South Africa and being a family orientated individual he considered his wife Wendy, whilst still deciding whether to make the move to Singapore. He had handpicked 18 horses from his South African stable to fill up his new Kranji barn, but a sudden two year ban on the exportation of South African horses put pay to that.

I flew my dog over, paid upfront rent for the stables, got a house. After a while they arrived and Shaw began aedous task of. He was able to get on his feet in his newfound land through the willingness of loyal patrons such as Bernard Kantor and Fred Crabbia, and it would not be long until he delivered the goods. The support he received from Bernard Kantor, Fred Crabbia and Singaporean Mark Yong was simply unwavering, they continued to buy him horse after horse, but with just cause.

Even though he only won the championship judged by number of winners once in his time there, he was one of the highest stakes earners nearly every time. A man with the rare ability to connect people with horses and get the best out of both. His first horse of note came in the form of Palace Line who won the Gr.

From then on he never looked back conditioning the likes of Blizz Bless, Que Expression, War Horn, and the mighty Rocket Man who rewrote Singapore racing history by becoming the first Singapore trained horse to win an international Group 1 when he took top honours in the Dubai Golden Shaheen at Meydan; not only did Shaw have an excellent reputation with horses over ground but proved that he could make a world champion of a sprinter as well.

Shaw also conditioned the lightning quick Ato who scored in the Kris Flyer, and later retired to stud at Summerhill where he now resides, the achievements of this brilliant horsemen are truly remarkable. Never one to hold a grudge in this the toughest of industries, the always welcoming Shaw played an important ambassadorial role for South Africans in Singapore making.

We tend to celebrate the horses that win the big races, the Group Ones and Group races, but we often forget the horses that are runner-ups to these horses. He lost the Melbourne Cup by a whisker to Dunaden, and then was runner up to Fiorente in and Protectionist in As if to confirm his unfortunate status, he then finished second to Criterion in the Queen Elizabeth Stakes.

His never say die attitude and bravery garnered him a huge following of fans, who, come race day, would noisily cheer him all the way. Tragically, the Melbourne Cup was to be his last race, breaking down in the closing stages, the brave horse was found to have a sesamoid fracture in his left front fetlock, and despite immediate surgery, complications developed and the heart-breaking decision to euthanize him was made.

Hay List vs Black Caviar The other Australian horse who seemed to spend his life playing second fiddle in spite of having three Group One victories to his name, including a victory under top weight in the Newmarket Handicap in , a feat not achieved for over six decades.

Hay List had the unfortunate distinction of racing against one of the greats of her generation, Black Caviar. The great mare beat Hay List into second place in six separate Group 1 races, to his credit though, he was the one horse who pushed the superstar in his races against her. Sadly, just like Red Cadeux, Hay List was not to enjoy the fame he had fought so hard to obtain, succumbing to complications from a lengthy battle with laminitis in Sham vs Secretariat Sham was an imposing colt standing at Their rivalry provided.

In spite of his perennial bridesmaid status, Sham was a hero who gave the great Secretariat a run for his money. Pablo Zeta vs Horse Chestnut South Africa is fortunate to have had several horses that have been perennial bridesmaids over the years, the most well known — and still living is the Argentinean born son of Candy Stripes, Pablo Zeta.

Now living in glorious retirement, Pablo Zeta is finally a winner, having beaten Horse Chestnut by still being alive! A clear prejudice against stamina is quite evident from our racing programme, which dictates speed above everything else. The middle-distance category, i. Almost half 81 were over the classic Derby trip, but beyond that m , only 36 races were run over true lung-bursting distances. Yet another nail in the coffin is the loss of Gr.

In addition, none of the Oaks classics carry Gr. Worse still, in KwaZulu-Natal both classics, initially run at the elite level,. The changing pattern in breeding is best illustrated by the ten leading stallions of the past 25 years. There are no Derby winners amongst them, those coming closest, Fort Wood and Silvano , both winning up to m. Significantly, the latter was bred in Germany, a country renowned for breeding tough and late maturing stock, with a focus on stamina. In fairness, his well-documented wind problem no doubt impacted on his lack of stamina on the track, for as a stallion, he was capable of siring superior runners over the entire stamina spectrum.

Taking the current state of racing in South Africa into account, is there room for the staying thoroughbred and thus a place at stud for a staying stallion? Both my stallions have milers in their pedigrees and both are popular: Ideal World covered over a hundred mares last season, while Byword had more than 60, and that in the dreaded fourth season.

Demands of the racetracks That a dearth of staying races also has a direct impact on the breeding industry goes without saying. Yearling buyers frown on late maturing youngsters, hence breeders opt for stallions capable of siring early speed. In the sales ring, early speed sells, stamina does not, which offers little incentive to breeders to support a true Derby winner at stud. In fact, one has to go back to the fifties and sixties to find successful sires who won over m the likes of Noble Chieftain, Preamble II, Pent House and High Veld and only SA Derby hero Elevation features amongst the dominant stallions of the seventies and eighties.

If he is a class horse he remains a class horse. As far as pedigree goes, one does want to see some good miler speed or a speedy ancestress. That there is an art to training and riding stayers cannot be disputed and sadly, the paucity of staying races seems to have resulted in a lack of tactical nous amongst the majority of our jockeys.

Inevitably, staying races are run at no more than half-pace before becoming a mad dash for home. Surely there has never been a more urgent call for a carefully considered and enhanced race programme, with a greater emphasis on the diversity that the stayer brings to racing.

If a policy of breeding sprinter to sprinter or middle-distance stock, is continued indefinitely, gradually the result will be shorter and shorter runners. Crusade, Oratorio and What A Winter have got their first crop of juveniles off to a cracking start early in the year with winners between them. The Drakenstein Stud resident stallion and a superb sprinter in his day, was trained throughout his career by the BassRobinson stable so it is no surprise that the yard has saddled both winners - the first being Rex Stud-bred Dutch Philip on debut by over a length and placed in his second start and Maine Chance-bred Magical Wonderful stamping herself as one to watch by winning clear by over two lengths.

He won 15 times from age two to five. A courageous horse with plenty of strength, two of his four Gr1 wins came at age five, which is good news for his future progeny if their sire's soundness is anything to go by. In , he was the highest rated South African horse on the international scale and the highest Merit Rated horse locally of that year. What A Winter throws size and quality into his foals and his future looks bright indeed as the current national leading Juvenile sire, and stood for a very accessible fee of R20 in The colt is.

The Spring Valley-bred filly out of the Only A Pound mare Really Rich, took no prisoners as she galloped to a bold debut victory at Greyville over m, from a well-bred field of two year old fillies. Crusade Crusade has stamped his progeny in no uncertain terms when it comes to looks. He has several second placed babies that are all knocking on the door, with the likes of the imposing Greenstreet Bloodstock-owned Calladi, Hoppertunity, The Grey Crusader and the Bass-Robinson trained Romantic Crusade.

From 12 runners, 12 have placed so it is only a matter of time before they make the winners enclosure. Crusade's dam, La Traviata, has now produced two Gr1. Crusade, a Scott Bros resident that has been well supported by the province's breeders each year, stood for a fee of R20 last season.

A proven sire of seven international Gr1 winners, the handsome classical looking son of Danehill - Oratorio, was the first sire of juveniles this season to open his winning account. Sacred Oration came out in the first juvenile race of the season to skip over the m at Fairview and win by almost a length clear for trainer Grant Paddock and owners Greg Bortz and Braam Van Huyssteen. Oratorio Oratorio has only had a handful to race since his first winner with five places — including an exciting and very recent second from Joey Ramsden-trained Ancestry, a half-brother to Gr2 winner A Woman's Way.

Oratorio was always destined for greatness — a six-time winner including three European Gr1 victories and a further six Gr1 places, he was crowned Champion 2YO in France and Champion 3YO in Ireland, and Timeform Rated at age 2 and at age 3. His son Fencing Master has taken up stud duties in South Africa.

The content includes relevant and current information and analysis of racing and breeding in South Africa, as well as detailed records of all Graded race results. Parade stimulates interest in all aspectsof the South African thoroughbred industry, and is a forum for discussion and debate of topical issues involving breeding, training, racing and ownership.

The magazine is also a national and international showcase of South African racing and breeding. Box 40, Durban, , South Africa. Whether we are aware of it consciously or not, we tend to talk about or refer to horses by their colours, for example, a chestnut, bay, grey, roan and so on. From the time we domesticated horses in about BC, we have developed our own cultural and sometimes religious bias towards certain colours and patterns in horses.

The Institutes scientists analysed data from samples of DNA taken from ancient horses. Up until now we have had precious little information about the history of horse domestication and our impact on them. According to Dr. Therefore, analysing only modern individuals can lead to false conclusions about the history of the domestic horse. The benefits to breeders and bloodstockers of having this information on hand could be invaluable, and could help with breeding out certain negative characteristics such as legs and conformation issues from horses, as well as reinventing and reinvigorating lines that have faded away.

The study revealed that early breeds showed six colour variants, of which three were already present in pre-domestic horses. By the time of the Bronze and Iron Ages, the number of colour varieties increased to nine, a significant jump, indicating that we were after more and new colours.

Spotted horses During medieval times, the attractiveness of spotted horses decreased and solid coat colours, especially chestnut, became dominant. By the beginning of the Middle Ages when religious fervour was at its height, this played a significant role in the mind set and shift in the decline in popularity of spotted horses to solid coloured horses. Stories have got twisted and embellished over time, but the accepted version of the change of preference relates to Revelations, the last book of the New Testament, in which there is a passage referring to four horsemen of the Apocalypse riding on differently coloured horses.

The rider of victory was sitting on a white or white spotted horse, whereas the riders of famine black , death bay and war chestnut rode on solid coloured horses. Several plagues and epidemics later, and. As a result, white and spotted horses developed a negative image and connotation and the colour lost popularity over the years. There might though, have been another more logical and possibly practical reason, white horses stood out more, which was not necessarily a good thing if you were in the middle of a battle or trying to stay concealed from an enemy.

From white to pinto Colour bias has taken many turns over the years, even straying into the realm of art, this is reflected in a famous painting by Jacques-Louis David of Napoleon astride his horse crossing the Alps. Over the centuries, the colour of the horse has changed from white to pinto and many other shades in between as tastes and preferences have changed.

Despite the age of technology and all our modern conveniences, we seem to have carried our colour biases right through into the modern age. Certainly one of the most distinctive and unusual colourings of recent times was that of the British wonder colt of , The Tetrach, grey with white spots, which ensured that he stood out by a mile. Prospector showed none of that colouring either in him or his progeny. Thanks to the explosion of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram over the past decade, the popularity of certain horse colours have reared their heads once again.

Champion American sire Tapit has had a major influence on this, his striking white colour has enhanced the appeal of white and grey horses, and with the recent addition of Frosted grey roan to the American stallion ranks, his ancestor is none other than The Tetrach, it seems the wheel on the colour spectrum is turning once again. The study done by the Liebniz Institute is a critically important study in not only the evolution of horses, but of our influences on their destinies over the millennia.

Who knows what future generations will chose as their colour preferences, and we might be in for some interesting combinations in years to come. Throughout the history of the turf, a number of prominent broodmares and their sons and daughters have made their mark on the South African turf. Here is a brief selection of some great producers who, more than most Drohsky apart , have made their mark on the local stud book.

Sister Sarah A descendant of the great race mare and producer, Pretty Polly, Sister Sarah left her mark on the South African scene through both male and female line descendants. Other notable South African descendants of this mare. The latter went on to enjoy success at stud, with his most notable runner being G1 Holiday Inns now Summer Cup winner, Furious.

Former champion National Emblem —another from this familyalso enjoyed success at stud. Elysee also produced the unraced colt, Ethique Farnesio , who went on to sire champion, Kelly, and she is the third dam of recent Equus Champion and promising young sire, Elusive Fort Fort Wood , who is sire of G1 winners in his first two crops to date and sire of the above mentioned Safe Harbour.

Between them, Sun Lass and Party Time produced 18 individual winners, including five stakes winners. Lavendula One of the greatest mares in the stud book, Lavendula, Pharos and her descendants have exerted a. Dynasty already has a plethora of top class sire sons at stud, headed by his former champions, Futura, Irish Flame and Legislate, all of whom were previously named Horse Of The Year. The Racing Association and The Thoroughbred Racing Trust turn 20 this year and are proud of their achievements over the past two decades.

Western Cape Racing came on board later in The main objective of the RA is to advance and promote the interests of its members and the sport of Thoroughbred Horseracing. From the outset the focus has been to maintain stakes at a level attractive enough to encourage racehorse ownership and to keep owners interested in the sport.

Another important aspect of the Association is to work hand in hand with the racing operators and the National Horseracing Authority to ensure international standards are maintained relating to the racing product, race tracks, training tracks and entertainment facilities.

In particular, the racing product that encompasses the programming and grading of races. A number of strategic amendments have been made to the initial agreement entered into by the RA and the Thoroughbred Horseracing Trust with Phumelela Gaming and Leisure which enabled the RA and the Trust to be more in control of their destiny and act in the best interests of owners and the industry.

Upgrades of facilities by the RA have taken place at all racecourses. These include the revamping of facilities, purchase of new television sets and the moving of the parade ring to the front of the grandstand at Turffontein. All colour holders are entitled to become members of the Racing Association. However, it is not a prerequisite for all colour holders to join. Across the Ice: The 10 year old gelding was retired from racing in February to former assistant trainer to the Tarry yard, Debbie le Roux.

He is very clearly very well and looks more like a quarter horse ready for barrel racing, despite the fact that he is fed only hay and Lucerne cubes! I was involved at the stable yard that he was sent to, to rest. While he was there, the decision was made not to bring him back into training and to let him retire to a recreational home. I was the lucky person to be in the right place at the right time. I purchased him and he became mine as of November He was sound but due to his legs we allowed him to rest until January the next year.

We worked with him on the ground and allowed him to experience being a horse. He discovered water and loves playing in a dam and rolling. He looks an absolute sight at times, but he is a happy boy and that is all that matters to me. He has been brought on slowly and he loves his life.

He is looking amazing, I am sometimes jokingly told he looks like he is in foal but he is round and happy. I ride him in smaller classes at shows, where he looks after me but Billy du Toit rides him in the 1. He is honestly an amazing horse, and I am privileged that he chose me to be his person when he stopped racing. Safe Harbour 3yo b.

Querari Falcon 3yo b. The winner came into the mile classic off two excellent victories. She cracked her maiden over m second time out and relished the extra furlong to score an equally facile win next time out. Thrown in the deep end here against a number of Gr1 performers, she took the step up to Gr1 company with aplomb.

Just Sensual was bred at Klawervlei and is the third foal of her dam. Her second foal, a. Silvano filly, has won three times this season. This is the illustrious family of Paddock Stakes winner and celebrated broodmare Sun Lass, the dam of outstanding performers Yataghan, Tallulah, Runnymede, Gallantry and Violetta the fourth dam of Consensual.

Marinaresco 4yo b. Captain America 6yo b. Successful in four of his last six starts, Legal Eagle returned to action on November 13 following a seven-month break and gave notice of his well-being when a fast-finishing third in a Turffontein sprint. Lightly-raced, the five-year-old has run just 14 times for eight wins and four places. This latest success pushed his career earnings to over R6million.

Following a smart maiden win over a mile in January, the then colt was campaigned around the turn, but after finishing almost 25 lengths behind champion Marinaresco in the Winter Guineas, he suffered the unkindest cut of all. Gelded, he reverted to pure sprinting and with great success, as in four starts since, he has tasted defeated just once, and that by the shortest of shortheads. Silicone Valley 6yo b. Captain Alfredo 5yo b. Carry On Alice 5yo b. Scandal 4yo ch. Notwithstanding a six-month break, triple Gr1 winner Carry On Alice was regarded as the proverbial penalty kick to make it back-to-back victories here and as expected, she went to post a red-hot favourite.

While Carry On Alice gamely battled back, the younger filly overcame the unwanted attentions of her rival to assert by a half-length at the line. Carry On Alice had a similar margin to spare over the fast-finishing Scandal, who had recently scorched to a new South African m record at Fairview.

The Klawervlei bred, a R, yearling purchase, certainly has lived up to her speedy pedigree. Gold Standard 3yo b. Jockey M J Byleveld quickly settled William Longsword within striking distance of the pace set by favourite Table Bay, who maintained his advantage well into the straight, but was collared by William Longsword approaching the furlong mark. The colt quickly skipped clear and it was left to Selangor Cup hero Gold Standard to chase him home.

Alas, the bird had flown and the Marshall runner maintained his advantage to score by half a length and turn the tables, having finished sixth in the Selangor. Now a five-time winner from seven starts, William Longsword also gave champion owners Markus and Ingrid Jooste their third victory in this event, two years after Act Of War Dynasty carried their colours to victory, while dual Horse of the Year Variety Club Var took the honours in Their third winner likewise looks a specialist miler in the making, having scored all but his maiden win over the trip.

Marshall had given R2. Krambambuli 5yo ch. Bold Rex 3yo b. Patiently ridden by stable jockey Grant van Niekerk, the blinkered four-year-old raced three wide around the turn, angled out to the standside at the top of the straight and hooked up with Krambambuli approaching the m mark. The pair engaged in a battle royal to the line, but Icy Trail asserted in the closing stages to score by a neck.

It was an auspicious first stakes victory, not just for the winner but also for trainer Candice Bass-Robinson, who took over the stable licence from father Mike Bass at the start of the racing season. Owner Brian Finch paid R, to acquire Icy Trail as a yearling and with earnings of R,, the gelding has more than doubled that investment. He is the latest stakes winner to emerge from the Lammerskraal paddocks and made it a day to remember for the Ceres farm and his sire, resident stallion Go Deputy.

The dam Icy Air was voted the champion classic female following a season which saw her complete an Oaks double and land both the SA Fillies Classic and Woolavington Stakes. Nightingale 4yo b. Qing 4yo b. She delivered the knockout blow approaching the final furlong, surged clear of her field and always had the measure of a fast-closing Nightingale to score by the best part of a length. It was an overdue first stakes win for Goodtime Gal, who has been on the cusp of stakes success with a string of seconds in all of the Gr3 Diana Stakes, the Sweet Chestnut Stakes and Stormsvlei Mile.

A model of consistency, she has won four times and has finished out of the money just once in her career, while rewarding owner Juan van Heerden with earnings fast approaching R, Goodtime Gal also has the honour of being the first stakes winner for her sire, a strapping son of the late great Jet Master, whose daughters River Jetez , Jet Aglow and Jet Supreme are past Victress Stakes winners. Tirza has a yearling colt by Captain Al and visited Judpot in Three Balloons 5yo b.

Smart Mart 5yo b. In his first attempt over this extended trip, the Adam Marcus-trained bay settled on the rail, no more than five lengths off the pace. At the quarter mark, he stormed into the lead and quickly kicked clear. Kenilworth Cup runner-up Three Balloons gave chase, but Royal Badge had the race in the bag and went on to cruise home by the best part of three lengths.

Since reeling off a double over and m a year ago, his best effort in five subsequent starts came in the Gr3 Winter Classic, where he ran third, 1. This dominant return to winning form suggests he may have found his metier over ground and his future engagement will likely be in the staying ranks. Bred by Geoff Armitage, Royal Badge joins an accomplished trio of. So Royal has a yearling filly by Ashaawes.

Celtic Captain 4yo b. Budapest 4yo b. Considering the winner enjoyed an 8kg pull in the weights, Celtic Captain was ultra-game in defeat. Rikitikitana had been knocking on the door with big weights in lesser company and took the step up to graded stakes level in his stride.

He is the latest stakes winner sired by Danehill stallion Toreador, who relocated to Bush Hill Stud in , having spent the first 8 seasons of his stallion career at The Alchemy. National Emblem, they are out of accomplished racemare Kazatzka, who twice captured the Gr3 Gerald Rosenberg Handicap. The last registered foal out of Russian Foxtrot is a juvenile filly by Seventh Rock.

Returned to her birth country and retired to Avontuur Stud, resident speedster Var was selected as her first mate, with Rivarine the result. River Jetez has a juvenile filly by Oratorio called Jetori which will race in the Avontuur silks; she has a Dynasty colt at foot and is back in foal to Var.

Queen Laurie 3yo b. Wrecking Ball 3yo b. Galvanized by jockey Lyle Hewitson, the bay quickened past longtime leader Greasepaint to strike the front m out and despite drifting right across the track, he cruised home by just over two lengths. It was an overdue first stakes success for the three-year-old, a private purchase from previous owners Adriaan and Rika van Vuuren.

His sole defeat in three starts this season came at the hands of stakes winning filly Green Pepper, who defeated him by a head while in receipt of6. Rivarine is the first foal of the outstanding racemare River Jetez, an own sister to the legendary triple Horse of the Year Pocket Power.

Impala Lily 4yo b. Dawn Calling 3yo b. The daughter of Elusive Fort patiently stalked the leader Littleblacknumber, who set no more than a moderate pace up front. At the top of the straight, she delivered the coup de grace, kicked clear of her field and was punched out by apprentice Lyle Hewitson to win unchallenged.

It was a stylish display from the Paul Peter-trained winner and one which greatly enhanced her value. Snapped up for a bargain R60, at the Cape Ready To Run Sale, the now five-time winner boasts prize money of R, and has earned a cheque in all but one of her nine starts. Her success added to a redletter week for Kevin and Glen Bakos, co-owners also in Rikitikitana, winner of the Gr3 Christmas Handicap over the course and distance on Boxing Day.

The filly is the fourth stakes winner for her accomplished sire, who stands at Klipdrif Stud. A champion son of Fort Wood, Elusive Fort is having a fine time of it at the moment, with stakes winning son Ernie finishing an eye-catching third in the Listed Southeaster Sprint on December Nevertheless, her achievements on the racetrack embellish an already flawless pedigree. Sent to England, she won on British soil before a tendon injury ended her racing career.

Beach Goddess 5yo b. She took command a long way from home but approaching the final furlong, was flat to the boards and could find no extra when shot LIVE LIFE loomed on her inside. The three-year-old surged into the lead close home and bounded away to score by just under a length. This was by far a career best effort from the winner, who as a juvenile, had run a close second in the Listed Perfect Promise Sprint over the. Sail South 6yo b.

Shaken up approaching the final furlong, he smoothly moved into the lead and it was race over. The champion bounded clear of his rivals to come home unchallenged, proving yet again that he has no equal in the older horse division. Bred by Avontuur Stud manager Pippa Mickleburgh, Legal Eagle is now a millionaire seven times over and is by far the best stakes winner sired by champion Greys Inn.

For pedigree details, see Green Point Stakes above. Silver Mountain 4yo b. The grey gave her connections a few anxious moments when jockey Anton Marcus ran out of running room at the top of the straight and was forced to take the overhead route. Racing up the stand side, she set out after Safe Harbour, who had taken the lead entering the final. The four-year-old daughter of Dynasty had prepped for this event with a seasonal win in a seven-furlong conditions race, a distance far short of her best.

Few superlatives remain to describe her dam, broodmare extraordinaire Mystic Spring, whose last known foal is a juvenile colt by Var. In addition to Bela-Bela, she also counts ill-fated champion threeyear-old Rabiya Jallad amongst her six stakes winners four of which graded and she is the grandam of champion juvenile All Is Secret Captain Al. Milton 5yo ch. This was a well-deserved and way overdue stakes success for Whisky Baron and extended his winning streak to four on the trot.

He has always been on the cusp of stakes class, in fact, he chased home champion Marinaresco in both the Winter Guineas and Classic last season, before running fourth in the Winter Derby on bottomless going. The Kieswetter colour bearer has yet to taste defeat in four starts this season and now has his eye on the big prize, the Gr1 Sun Met! Content to sit some lengths off the pace set by Carbon Offset, the Bass-Robinson runner unleashed his rally in midstretch and surged into the lead approaching the final furlong.

From that point, it was a case of who would run second, as the colt powered home to win in style. Newlands AUS 3yo b. Ovidio AUS 6yo br. Ollivander 3yo b. My World 5yo b. Galvanised into action by Richard Fourie, he swooped on new leader and top weight Ovidio close home before asserting by a half length.

The runner-up was more than gallant in defeat, as Banner Hill enjoyed a The newly-minted stakes winner completed a fine graded double on the day for breeders Maine Chance Farms, as both he and Politician Stakes winner Horizon are products of the Robertson Nursery, as is thirdplaced My World. Banner Hill was the result of that mating. Legal Eagle 5yo b. The four-year-old came from mid-field in the straight and unwound a potent forward move up the stand side to take aim at Legal Eagle, who had just about mastered long-time leader Captain America.

However, Whisky Baron stepped up another gear and he surged past the favourite inside the final furlong before romping to a length and a half success. Legal Eagle, second behind Smart Call twelve months ago, again had to settle for the runner-up spot and held off a resurgent Captain America by a neck. It was a fine one-three for trainer Brett Crawford, who was winning the big race for the second time in the past three years, having put the finishing touches to winner, Futura. Prior to that, he had saddled winner Angus.

For winning jockey Greg Cheyne, it proved a first-time success. Whisky Baron firmly put himself in the Met picture with a barnstorming victory in the Gr. Gelded at the end of his sophomore season, he has been a revelation since and has put together an unbeaten five-win streak this season.

Sporting a grand formline of six wins and seven places from as many starts, the rich win stake immediately catapulted him into the rank of multimillionaire, pushing his career earnings to R3,, For further pedigree details, see Peninsula Handicap above.


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