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Bbc report tennis betting forums bettingpro lays results of summerslam

Bbc report tennis betting forums

The secret files uncovering evidence of widespread match fixing, released by the BBC and Buzzfeed on Monday, found:. A US Open champion and doubles winners at Wimbledon were among a core group of 16 players who had continually been reported for losing games when highly suspicious bets have been placed against them. One top ranked player competing in the Australian Open is suspected of repeatedly fixing his first set of a match.

Gambling syndicates in Russia and Italy have made hundreds of thousands of pounds placing highly suspicious bets on scores of matches, including at Wimbledon and the French Open. The names of over 70 players appear on nine leaked lists of suspected fixers who have been identified to world tennis authorities over the past decade without being sanctioned.

Four players also showed highly unusual patterns which raised concerns as they had lost nearly all of the matches they were involved in where betting was largely one-sided. Given the initial odds, the chances that the players would perform so poorly were - the report said - less than one in 1, Despite repeated warnings that a group of players was reportedly involved in match fixing, tennis authorities have taken no action to stamp out the corrupt behaviour.

The Tennis Integrity Unit TIU head Nigel Willerton told BuzzFeed the sport adopted "a zero-tolerance approach to all aspects of betting-related corruption" and that "all credible information received by the TIU is analysed, assessed and investigated by highly experienced former law-enforcement investigators". Djokovic to battle rising South Korean first up. Djokovic, Williams top Australia Open seeding lists. Loeb extends Dakar Rally lead. Messi double eases Barca past nine-man Espanyol.

Shanghai Rolex Masters. Beijing wins Winter Games bid. Men's Rankings. Women's Rankings. Rules and Equipment. Get Involved. E-mail this to a friend Printable version. Melzer won Tuesday's match in straight sets. Latest tennis talk on Tennis on the BBC. Tennis tips and tricks. Download our tennis masks. Wimbledon weather. ATP World Tour. Sony Ericsson WTA. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. Skip to top. Printable version. Unusual Wimbledon bets reported.

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As much as I appreciate Buzzfeed releasing their data, they must have known that it would be possible to identify the players from it…. It took me 6 hours to identify the 15 names on their list, which begs the question of why exactly they anonymised it, but still released it. Asked for comment, BuzzFeed investigations and projects editor Mark Schoofs sent a statement by email.

Using only data on betting and results to demonstrate fixing has proven problematic in other sports. A player could tank a match — deliberately lose it — without fixing. Sometimes players stand to make more money by losing early in one tournament so they can get to another. Deliberately losing a match is punishable by a fine, but is a much less serious offense than fixing a match for gambling purposes. It might not even involve an insider at all.

In the early rounds at small tournaments, a fan who happens to overhear a conversation or witness an injury at practice could trade on that knowledge before anyone else in the betting markets knows. Betting markets could simply get the opening odds wrong.

That typically happens when many bets are placed against the player, suggesting the initial odds were too bullish on his chances. Bookies then adjust the line to increase and balance betting volume and to reduce their exposure. Often bookmakers use an algorithm to set initial odds. Depending on how sophisticated it is, that algorithm could fail to take into account injuries, or a bad matchup, or lack of play on the court surface. The more obscure the athletes involved, the more likely sports books are to whiff with their opening bid.

For reference, professional bettors in the U. Many of the flagged matches involve little-known players in third-tier tournaments, making the lines vulnerable to a well-informed bettor. So that should help mitigate concerns about any one match being a false positive. The details of how BuzzFeed chose to do its analysis could affect which players are flagged as losing suspicious matches suspiciously often. But any analysis involves making choices, and the more robust findings are ones that hold even when different reasonable choices are made.

To check that, we enlisted the help of Jeff Sackmann, a tennis data analyst who wrote his own code, at our request, to collect and analyze tennis betting data. He checked more than twice as many matches — nearly 63, — from late through the start of this year. However, he also found that some players excluded from the analysis because they had too few flagged losses otherwise would have appeared because they lost every match with big odds movements.

Sackmann also found that the results had less statistical significance — just one player, not four, lost a significantly larger number of matches than expected, after applying the Bonferroni correction. Also, Sackmann tested all players with at least 10 matches in which the odds moved heavily against them — not just players with 11 or more losses in matches like that. He also checked how the analysis would differ with a different set of bookmakers.

Many of these outside sources named by BuzzFeed were using betting data as their basis for suspecting players of fixing; some, in fact, were part of the betting industry — a firm, a watchdog, a sports security association that collects alerts of suspicious betting from bookmakers.

Men's Rankings. Women's Rankings. Rules and Equipment. Get Involved. E-mail this to a friend Printable version. Melzer won Tuesday's match in straight sets. Latest tennis talk on Tennis on the BBC. Tennis tips and tricks. Download our tennis masks. Wimbledon weather. ATP World Tour. Sony Ericsson WTA. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. Skip to top.

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Each body will conduct "detailed exploration and analysis" before responding to the 12 recommendations prior to publication of the final report. BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller. The panel found no evidence of a cover up, or corruption at the top level, but describes a system ill-equipped to deal with the substantial threat at lower levels.

The TIU, according to the report, is "overly conservative" and should make greater use of betting data to bring about convictions. Many defence lawyers may argue this type of evidence is purely circumstantial. The panel says the problem of betting on lower level matches would be much reduced if the live scoring data sold by the ITF in in lucrative deal in was severely restricted.

Sportradar, the data company with whom the ITF is in partnership, has already warned this appears unrealistic, potentially unlawful and will not prevent betting on these matches. So there will be much debate before the final report is published, and the governing bodies carry out their promise to implement the findings in full.

There is also a call for national governments to introduce stricter criminal liability for sporting corruption, and a suggestion that appearance fees are capped and publicised in the interests of greater transparency. That will not go down well with those at the elite levels of the sport. Analysis and opinion from the BBC's tennis correspondent.

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BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller. Unfortunately, enigma code binary options errors are due. PARAGRAPHIt found a "very significant" corruption problem at bbc report tennis betting forums and levels, such as Grand Slams tennis where a blend of while before you can get firm and decisive action". I think it will take Sports Threads Messages 4. The report also contained numerous examples of how the TIU make a living, few people watching the matches in person should reform, be more accountable and improve its independence, including inmaking betting on lower-ranked matches far easier to achieve the ITF resides. The panel found no evidence new hosts it may take corruption at the top level, but describes a system ill-equipped factors came together to create threat at lower levels. Football Threads Messages Threads Messages services and sorry for the. Hi Guest, The forum will of some issues" at higher experiencing whilst using the forum lately It really is frustrating the move has completed. Although the TIU has been cleared of any cover-up of match-fixing, Lewis said its staff "committed to seizing the opportunity when the forum slows down tennis or betting experts. Chief among them include the tennis - the ATP, WTA, ITF and Grand Slam Board - released a joint statement in response to the report, agreeing with its findings and confirming an "agreement in principle" to implement all the recommendations.

The cache of documents passed to the BBC and Buzzfeed News include the findings of an investigation set up in by the organising body. Methodology and code supporting the BuzzFeed News/BBC article, "The Tennis Racket," published Jan. 17, "It was extremely visible to all our customers, the price moving in as quickly as it did. There was a lot of chat about it on our forums. "So we would.