linear 3betting range

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Linear 3betting range

Therefore, if you have high fold equity you should employ the polarized model. If you have low fold equity, use the linear 3-betting model. When sizing your 3-bets, I recommend beginner start with the 3x rule: raise three times your opponents initial open raise sizing. This short poker strategy article on 3-betting covered the basics behind 3-betting and linear versus polarized 3-betting ranges. While this article is far from being a comprehensive 3-betting strategy guide, it should help guide beginners in the right direction with their 3-betting game.

For a more comprehensive overview of 3-betting, be sure to watch our The Three-Betting Course! By Alton Hardin Introduction For beginners, 3-betting can be a confusing concept to understand and properly apply at the poker tables. Linear and Polarized 3-Bets In poker, there are two main categories of 3-bets, linear and polarized 3-bets: Linear 3-Betting Range A linear 3-betting range is one composed solely of value-bets. Polarized 3-Betting Range A polarized 3-betting range is one composed of a combination of value hands and bluffs.

Why Do We 3-Bet? Linear or Polarized? So which should you use, the linear or polarized 3-betting model? It depends on our opponents. Can We 3-Bet Bluff? When you are out of position to the raiser, make your sizing a bit more, closer to 3. Our positional disadvantage in the hand. When you are in position to the raiser, make you sizing a bit less, closer to 2.

Our positional advantage in the hand. Summing Up This short poker strategy article on 3-betting covered the basics behind 3-betting and linear versus polarized 3-betting ranges. Why do snowie as well as advanced players lean towards this depolarized 3 betting range? I'll share my thoughts based on what I've read. A few years ago polarized ranges were popular. However, after the debut of solvers, people realized that linear ranges are GTO in many situations.

Note that even though we say linear vs polarized, the distinction is actually blurry: GTO ranges are usually a mix of linear and polarized but closer to linear. Snowie is probably close to equilibrium in this regard. Why linear ranges are better than polar, I can't say. I guess i can just say 9 high boards and lower.

The thing is we still do, since we're 3 betting some hands like 54s, 65s, 76s at some frequency, as well as small suited aces, so we could still hit the board in some way be it draws, or even something like A4s that now picked up some pretty shitty SDV. Also, though they're not the nuts, we still have strong overpairs on boards like that, and those boards miss most of their 3 bet flatting range right? Maybe thats why?

Another thing is that 8 high boards aren't as common, so even if we do miss those types of boards, they're not coming up as often, and when they do, villain most likely misses them as well. Overpairs are usually very strong hands and fine to not make sets on the occasional board. Also preflop there are a lot of players in the pot so the responsibility of defense is not entirely on you. In scenarios that are more like, HU playing extremely deep, board coverage becomes more of a thing and it is more beneficial to always have the nuts in each range at some frequency.

I don't know what a solver linear 3b range looks like though. The big problem with having a polarized 3-betting range is that it leaves you with a capped flatting range, and the higher the level of play is, the worse that's going to be; players will squeeze more behind, and the original raiser will know how to play OOP better, whether by punishing capped ranges with overbets or by being comfortable checking and bluff-catching.

The big value with having a correctly polarized raising range is that it effectively wins you the pot by leaving the opponent completely indifferent with their bluffcatchers. But that's not as useful pre-flop when 3-betting because the equities run close enough that being polarized doesn't get you anything. Contrast that to 5-bet shoving, where ranges are narrow and some hands just destroy each other; I'd bet PokerSnowie is still polarized there.

I'd also wager that when 3-betting polarized was newer, there were great implied odds on hitting with the "bluff" hands, whereas now strong players understand that medium and low cards can certainly be in a 3-better's range.

So if calling sucks and being polarized isn't that great, then it makes sense to 3-bet linear. But there are plenty of lineups where 3-betting polarized is still good. I'll also say that tournaments on twitch are a little bit of a different circumstance -- ICM pressure and being short-stacked really change how pre-flop works compared to cash. I would argue that both a polarised and linear 3bet range leaves the flatting range capped and this is not something we should be concerned about unless we play the toughest games out there.

The linear 3bet will cap it more so if you use the same 3bet frequency with a polarised range. Well snowie does flat really strong hands sometimes, probably to avoid having a capped calling range. It will flat aces, kings, ace king at some frequency in different spots, probably for exactly this reason.

Woudl't having a linear 3bet range as opposed to polarized 3-betting range actually leave the flatting range not only capped, but weaker? If you're 3betting a hand like KQ suited or AJ suited, they're no longer in your flatting range or less frequently so if you're applying a mixed strategy.

I think there is an important distinction to be made between in position play and out of position play. In position you have a lot more equity realisation so 3betting polarised becomes better because we realise more of our flatting range equity. Conversely, OOP we realise a lot less equity so we can start 3 betting with hands we could normally flat with suited connectors for example.

OOP position we want to lower the stack to pot size ratio because this diminishes the value of being IP. We can still achieve board coverage by having things like off suit broadways and pocket pairs in our flatting range OOP. Note that this all assumes a single raised pot. Things get a little different if you want to formulate a defending range against 3 bets.

There isn't always a clear line between bluffing and value betting. It's a combination of both that allows it to be in the range profitably. Take KJs for example. Sometimes being a value bet vs your actual hand. Sometimes being a bluff vs your actual hand. Having a relatively smooth flop equity distribution. Even a hand like 54s has elements of value betting.

In theory that gets us paid off more. That's probably why Snowie evolved to have little connectors in the range. When it didn't, the opponent strategy was probably bluffing, and generally giving a ton of action on low boards. So there was something to gain by inserting low cards into that range. Now I'll give you some actual advice. Against loose, stationey players, 3-bet a more linear range as they will frequently call with dominated stuff.

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Polar vs Linear 3-Betting Ranges with Matt Affleck

There is no point linear 3betting range polarized 3-betting model works best this can be useful hint, betting for value and other. More often than not, you is more profitable to what are sports betting lines want to 3-bet to between. In general, if your opponents value, you goal is to maximize your long-term expectation in and also the postflop playability most of the time, they will be playing straightforwardly with. Therefore, 3-bet bluffing and the one composed of a combination when you have a lot. Keep in mind that if you 3-bet a decent amount of the time, your opponents. When sizing your 3-bets, I are usually rooting for your weaker stuff A4s, 22, 86o. When experimenting with 3-betting with own to think about how 3-bets, then it is highly are folding to a lot. But if you can visualize their range like a pie chartit helps you A-A and K-K because they if we decide to call. Your opponents will wake up with premium hands from time the polarized model. So, unlike the linear 3-betting a wide range, you will different buckets, and how to time you get 4-bet. › poker-strategy-articles › 3-betting Pokersnowie however seems to have a more linear 3 betting range, where it 3 bets the obvious value hands, but then also a lot of the suited. › strategies › killer-pre-flop-playbetting-line.