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Also picked up on warrant for fail to appear out of the Shroy, 35, of Montgomery, PA was arrested for being a fugitive from justice. She was taken to the Washington County Jail.

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Binary options bully results of texas

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Google work from home india what is the best get rich quick scheme bitcoin shadow broker. Ways to make quick money today axis bank forex card statement. Though painfully rural, the town felt like a very tiny big city. As a concrete comparison, Columbia had just acquired three Cryo-Electron microscopes and was showing them off to us, but they were shared with thirteen other research institutions in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Penn State, on the other hand, had one Krios, all to itself, which had been installed four years earlier. I have since confirmed that Penn State clearly puts its money where its mouth was and does its damnedest to support its scientists in producing world-class research. So, slightly over a year after moving to New York, I was ready to start my life over again — but, this time, I had the mindset to do it correctly.

The one remaining state is Oklahoma. To justify my trip, I could go on a tour of why white people are so horrible by visiting the Oklahoma Museum of the Native American, the Oklahoma Museum of the African American, and the Oklahoma Museum of the Gay Cowboy all of which, to my knowledge, are real places. A trifecta of oppression! In my case, I thought that the most reasonable and considered response to the Trump Presidency was to give up on the entire country and secede to form my own.

As a result, I ended up forming a federation, making several alliances, and maintain regular contact with several other micronationalists. One might add that they do not pay rent; I levy taxes. Finally, I attempted an infiltration of the local Civil War Reenactors they have a cannon! I am convinced that this is merely a marketing issue, and we are workshopping new slogans for our planned invasion of the adjacent curb and sidewalk. I met an undergraduate here and went on two dates with her, but then she did a semester abroad in France.

It was going somewhat well; we were texting every day, and this was the first meaningful person I had actually gone on a date with since I quickly ran the numbers, looked at my schedule, and then came up with a hair-brained scheme. You see, I grew up in Florida, so a significant part of my childhood was consumed by theme parks. In the past decade, however, both parks have been moving towards more immersive experiences, where the only common factor among the attractions is that they are all based on intellectual properties that just happened to be movie franchises.

Lo and behold, a little research revealed that both of these attractions were intact at Disney Studios in Paris. I planned it out meticulously. For the week leading up to the trip, I would get up, go to work, and go to bed an hour earlier every day the trip was only going to be three days, so any jet-lag-induced napping would have had an alarmingly high opportunity cost. Then, on the day of the flight, I woke up just before midnight, had breakfast at a favorite bar at closing time, went in to work, and left for JFK by noon.

Ten hours of globe-trotting later, I arrived on the Mediterranean coast and proceeded to mispronounce everything. The date in France was supposed to be our third. What traditionally happens on the third date? So, for this third date to take place and for me to not get laid is pretty empirical proof that I am quite irrevocably unfuckable. Oh, and those two attractions at Disney Studios, not kidding, they were closed ahead of schedule a week before I arrived.

But I prefer to view this trip in the narrower, funnier, yet sadder context of the two busts above because it helps me to better come to terms with the parts of myself I dislike. Having a doctor as a parent, I spent my entire life thinking of motorcycles as hooligan deathtraps, but, here, I was seeing them for the first time in the context of something I had already made an important part of my life. Upon returning home by the way, you already know my disdain for New York Shitty [ sic ] and Wrong Island [ sic ], so imagine the gutwrenching heartbreak of arriving there after just having spent a weekend in Paris[!

Thus, in my feverish road-tripping, I was hauling around an unnecessary 1. The next few days were spent obsessively investigating this newfound world which I had heretofore disregarded. Ever since being gifted my car and spittaking at its gas mileage, I always wanted another, more environmentally-conscious vehicle. However, living in the so-called Pennsyltucky, electric vehicle charging stations are fairly sparse in their deployment.

I was more targeting a hyper-environmentally-conscious vehicle which I could use for my luxury adventures, and then still have the old, reliable gas-guzzler for when I needed to haul around a couch or power through to Virginia. Motorcycles, as I found, have an average of 56mpg, 2. But, now, I was starting to find my way into the culture of motorcycles, something which, on the whole, I find myself violently at odds with.

Most of them are dirt bikes, with basically bench seats, or sport bikes, which require you to hunch over and lean your stomach on the gas tank. Not very comfortable for long treks. There are only two types of bikes made with comfort in mind: the sport-tourer, which I ended up getting, and the cruiser, which is made entirely out of chrome, handle-bar mustaches, and racism or homophobia, depending on my audience. Needless to say, I prefer the former.

In addition to proudly! The Semester of Hell and solving a decade-old issue in microbial physiology: So, come the end of my first year as a graduate student, I started to look towards my second fall semester. The only thing I had to do was my qualifying exam, the really big, month-long exam that determines whether or not you can stay in graduate school. But that was only during November, so, overall, it was going to be an empty semester.

Then I learned that a big-name professor in microbiology was retiring, and the last time he was going to teach would be that fall. So, I signed up for his course. After all, it was supposed to be an empty semester. Then I learned of a prestigious grant that I could apply for, so I decided to take a grant-writing course. I had to TA as a requirement of my program, so I might as well get it out of the way now.

Then, in July and August, I made an incredible discovery that solved a problem in microbial physiology that had been around since pin in that. I spoke with my PI, and he said we could power through and probably get a paper out in under a year. I told him I wanted to do that. To great surprise, I survived, but not unscathed.

On average, I worked hours a week, though some of it was partially my own doing for example, my term paper for the bacterial physiology course had seventy citations, even though it was only required to have ten. It was a debacle. I joked that, with each subsequent class period, I became more and more sympathetic to the antagonists of teen dystopian novels; maybe it is time to build a floating elitist city in the sky and leave the rest of the planet to shit, after all?

Suffice it to be the simple version: A particular class of protein had been known in microbes for a very long time and is involved in pretty much everything, from simple feeding to complex infections. In certain bacteria, this category of protein is modified in a certain way, and people always thought for over 40 years that this modification was a transport signal. This left two major questions: if not for transport, what was this modification for; and, what is the enzyme that makes the modification in all the other bacteria?

The paper should be published sometime within a month or three the current coronapocalypse is a boon for manuscript-preparation. Additionally, the previous graduate student in the lab to me made an interesting discovery regarding the genetics of the modification-making enzyme, and my next paper will expand on their work to determine the actual function of this modification.

These proteins and their modifications are important because on the applied side they belong to major pathogens and could be a target for treating infections and on the basic side we have indications that they are part of a planetary-wide stress put on bacteria during evolution hence, my astrobiological machinations.

Now we have to get into how I got to this point. Suffice it to say that I have a lot of sexual trauma. In , when I was still an undergrad, I met whom I called then my soulmate. They were beautiful, fun, perky, and adventurous. But, sadly, less than a year in, things started to go off the rails. I came out as polyamorous. The way I have best found to describe it is when you ask a parent which their favorite child is.

At the time, I had feelings for some of my other friends; but! You mean nothing to me because of the ambiguity of my relationship status at the time you met me. This was a time in my life when things started to look up. Pieces were finally starting to fall into place, I had some friends and acquaintances, and people actually cared for me.

It was thusly then that I realized I was polyamorous, but in mostly a loving way, not necessarily as a swinger or horndog. So, I came out. In any other situation in the world, this might have not been as catastrophic. However, there were certain things about my soulmate which I knew not at the time that caused not just my relationship, not just my life, but my reality to crumble. You see, they grew up in an incredibly abusive situation, and the only way they knew how to act was to throw away every part of themselves for the people whom they loved.

They devised a ridiculous plan where they would go out and sleep with lots of people to become okay with the idea of nonmonogamy. What can I say? What is love if not supporting your partner? I honestly thought it could be okay. However, as you might guess, it was not. The main issue came from all their mental instability that they had hidden from me for so long.

They became quite dissociative and hid it all from me. As such, they tried to compartmentalize their sexual exploration away from our relationship, making me less involved. Understandably, this backfired. Rather than it being a collaborative, supportive, gentle, loving exploration, it became dishonest, filled with deceit.

They lied to me about doing things with people and about not doing things with people. They made up stories of fuckbuddies and hid some of the real people they were fucking. All the while, I was starting to lose my grip on reality, because, here they were, getting to do all the things I had always wanted, practically rubbing it all in my face, while barring me from having any part of it for myself.

It was tortuous. Highlights include them fucking my brother for four uninterrupted hours, and kicking me out of my bed and bedroom to fuck a nine-inch cock while I made them breakfast, then not allowing me to enter until they had finished. When I learned that they hid that they were flunking all their classes in college, I snapped, and nothing was ever the same again. In retrospect, I was heartbroken for well more than half of the time we were a couple. The entire last year we were together, I was depressed beyond description.

I would come home from work and I would have so little energy that my personality would just melt away. I was devoid of existence. I would sit on a couch, and stare away at nothingness for hours on end. To my credit, my ex would cover me in a blanket, put dinner on my lap, set the iPad in front of me, and put on an anime. I know they truly loved me because they did this for over six months, without complaining. However, I was simply too broken.

Things reached one fever pitch after another. I could always tell that something was wrong, that, as hard as I tried, I was never actually getting through to the person inside. It all felt so superficial. I always knew they were hiding things not just sexual stuff, but, more simply, their own wants and desires, their simple, everyday preferences.

They were there, but not present. I am very intellectual, but a dullard at socialization. Hell, I never even learned how to make out. To boot, I have all this trauma which will take years to move on from. Last christmas, my now ex reached out to me, and we talked pretty much every day for four months. Since I left, they managed to somehow actually succeed in making themselves polyamorous, whereupon they proceeded to date and fuck my now former best friend, then leave them to date and move in with their boss from work, whom is over a decade older than them.

And people wonder why I have such a boatload of trauma. Such is where things were last left, and I have no indication that they will ever change meaningfully from this. Now, I want to make clear that I am not at all looking for any sort of statements regarding how I should forget about them and move on. Although I do not think I fucked up anywhere near as apocalyptically, I did hurt them, too.

Nor do I necessarily hate them, either. Though what they did was incredibly, world-endingly hurtful and stupid, it was not done with malice. Time has only made me more sympathetic to their situation, and, thus, their actions.

In short, their parent was incredibly abusive, and they also were terrified of losing me, so they were drunk on fear and thought that they needed to act in major ways to keep me. Seriously, though, I wish so badly that I hated them for all they did.

That would make it so much easier to move on. I still identify as polyamorous, so this has the unpleasant side-effect of freezing my emotional development on the matter in place. So, as you can now see, I am the literal incarnation of damaged goods. In short-form, swiping-based dating app formats, it is far too easy to disregard my numerous quirks as simply that, not scars from a lengthy, complicated, demoralizing battle against a society which I am physiologically incapable of understanding.

Oh, and the global coronapocalypsemageddonocaust has slightly impacted my ability to partake in social events wherewithin people might be met. In truth, I am not necessarily the sexiest person in world. In stark brief, I attended the Stanford yes, that one Online High School, dropped out, started college at 14, graduate at 19 with honors, and am now a Graduate Fellow one step above student at an Ivy-League university expanded definition, fight me.

As such, the way in which I go through my life is fairly cerebral. To those whom understand not my eccentricities or the subjects of which I speak, I am perceived as talking down to others. However, it is simply the way in which I approach the world, and I am wholly oblivious in the moment of how I could be perceived as such. So it is thusly that I here myself find, holding on to the dreadfully unrealistic hope that being honest with the world about myself will earn me the possibility to find another soulmate, but one not programmed to shred what little sanity I have left.

However, as I tell prospective students, while Penn State is in the middle of nowhere, it is half-way to everywhere! That, combined with my adventurous proclivities, opens up literal! I can easily make it in a day trip to anywhere within Pennsylvania though I love Pittsburgh! If things develop, I both have the means and inclination to successfully conduct an LDR until I finish graduate school in years. Regarding the type of partner, while I am genuinely pansexual, I seem to be mostly romantically attracted with feminine-presenting people.

Other than that, I remain open minded to people of pretty much all walks of life. Speaking of, for reasons that I hope are quite evident, I am a taaaaaaaaaaaad delicate in my sexuality. I used to be slightly dominant, but am definitely not anymore. I am almost in the realm of gentlefemdom. I just want you to be sexually open yet patient enough that I could slowly grow back into my sexuality. It would be really nice to have someone that is strong in their sexuality, and acts very openly with it, but is patient and loyal enough to not make me worried or scared.

I think I would be benefitted by a period likely months by monogamy, just so that I can recover enough to a functional level, then we can slowly and safely open up the relationship with group stuff happening well before metamours. Just please be careful with my heart. I know the likelihood of anything meaningful coming from this is quite, quite low, but this is part of me trying to move forward from the people that hurt me so cripplingly.

I shall leave you with my dating profile. Highly sarcastic, hot-sauce-addicted, somewhat queer molecular and astrobiologist. Con: -ly crazy. Looking for a porter to help me carry my emotional baggage. Good Saturday morning to all of you here on wallstreetbets. I hope everyone on this sub made out pretty nicely in the market this past week, and is ready for the new trading week ahead.

Here is everything you need to know to get you ready for the trading week beginning October 28th, Stock prices are bumping up against their highs, but whether they can burst through and hold gains may, for the near term, depend on what investors hear from Jerome Powell in the week ahead.

The Federal Open Market Committee is expected to make its third quarter point interest rate cut Wednesday afternoon, followed by comments form Fed Chairman Powell. If the labor market holds up, expectations for rate cuts should decline. Some economists expect another cut in December, while others expect one or more cuts next year, depending on how they view the economy.

Goldman Sachs economists laid out a case where the Fed will clearly signal that it plans to pause after Wednesday. In the past week, yields were higher with the year Treasury yield touching 1. On Friday, it briefly traded above the July 26 high of 3, The Dow ended the week with a gain of 0.

On Wednesday, earnings are expected from Apple, which is setting new highs of its own. Big economic reports On top of that, November kicks off Friday in what looks to be the most important day for economic data of the new month. Besides the critical monthly employment report, there is the key ISM manufacturing report, expected to show a contraction in manufacturing activity for a third month.

Both reports could be distorted by the GM strike, which is expected to result in an October employment report with fewer than , jobs. According to Refinitiv, total non farm payrolls are expected to be 90,, while manufacturing jobs are expected to decline by 50, On Thursday, Markit flash PMI manufacturing data for October was higher than expected, and still has not shown a contraction.

Manufacturing data has dragged, due to the impact of tariffs and the trade war, and some big companies have taken a hit as a result, like Caterpillar which on Wednesday reported weaker than expected earnings and sales. Caterpillar also cut its outlook, in large part due to weakness in China.

Caterpillar shares were slammed but on Friday, the stock was bouncing back by 3. Less bad is a truce. It means that Dec. This market has been led by the defensive sectors.

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